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Re: Bruce "Diaries of a nice Shark"

Post by Maxwell » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:37 am

BRUCE !!! my boy !! I'm still stuck in Africa bro. No electricity in my village unless I walk 2 hours to a nearby town, fuck me. Love ur intro btw
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Re: Bruce "Diaries of a nice Shark"

Post by Spartan670 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:08 am

Maxwell, much respect for you for what you guys are doing over there. Thinking of doing Peace Corps when I get out. Stay safe!
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Re: Bruce "Diaries of a nice Shark"

Post by krazymen » Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:19 pm

Spartan670 wrote:Krazy, Im a 11A-Infantry Officer. Job sounds fun (helicopters, live fires, riding in tanks) but spend alot of time in the field. Im at Fort Irwin so we spend 18 straight days out of the month in the field. 10 months out of the year. We get 4 day weekends though. Im FK'd from Jan-May, July-November lol.

Ranch, you're too nice lol. I have ALOT of practicing to do, especially on puck control haha. yeah... Korea's internet is a beast. one of my reasons for extending my tour there. around december 2013, The government was talking about giving out free 1gbps wifi for the entire seoul. The guys that stay on base get screwed with 10mbps down and 1mbps up for $40 a month though lol.
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