Overly toxic player EU

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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by valenz » Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:50 am

lets be serios then
i agree with doudles
just kick him from every pub lobby he joins.
i mean if a guy like dicky who is the good soul of pubs says such harsh things bringing out the whip sounds fine to me
how to pass?
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by Tenkz » Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:53 am

you're all mad cuz you're stupid apes

ooh ahh ahh banana u want?
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by Amigaway » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:20 pm

First of all, I don't mean to offend too many people with this post but I feel I need to actually make another statement to defend dexter.

I don't know if I'm right in making this affirmation Dicky, but since I've played quiet regularly for the past 2 years, I believe I am just as qualified as you, if not more to talk about pub games and pub players. I know I don't have much weigh in the community, if compared to guys like doubles or dicky, I'm a pub star, having played at least 70-80% of my games in pub, can't say I've had much activity on the forum, or in the multiple events, be it tourney or leagues, that were organized.

However, this discussion has been aggravating me for a while, and I feel like I really need to react to something I consider has turned nothing short of a witch hunt, when I see players who rarely play pubs and hence, rarely play with dex, start stating they agree with dicky. Rather than being objective on the mater, I feel like they just agree cause dicky is dicky, a nice player watching out for the community who is way more active than some random puber you've maybe played 50 games with and who probably trolled / raged 1/5 of them.

Dexter calls others subhuman apes, especially players he dislike but tbh, he calls everyone like that (most of games he start by calling both teams apes, indiscriminately). I think it's more of his new "is this ice map" than a mean to actually strongly insult someone but I agree these kind of insults are unwanted and could cause players to leave game, giving a bad name to the community and preventing it to grow.

But then, if you ban dexter because you fear the downside he brings to the community I got a question :

Why ban him and not all the guys who actually did crush and insult pubers for months at one point or another ? Or anyone that insults a player in PM at the end of the match if he can provide a nice little scan ?

- Snake played pubs for months, insulting everyone in them including me, many pub friends I had just decided to stop this arcade and go back to strikers / SC2 because of him, considering community was shitty. Yet no post on this forum on the infamous slider who actually told them they should stop playing SC2, because they sucked so much and didn't have the skills after 5 games to make a priv level pass.
- My personal worst experience comes from players I actually like : Huge shootout to the original TRTH squad, with rob, memento and deadmeat (which I must say is probably the nicest guy I've met in the community ?), players I usually loved.
I had been playing, as my regular pub star self about a year ago I think ? 1st season of league was going to happen and there was lots of hype. One afternoon, I decided to try to teach to 3 newcomers the controls. We played two games and they started passing and even turning with x a little. Sad part of the story, we entered a lobby with those 3 TRTH players, wanting to train for league and having probably found no priv on, it was rather early I believe. I asked for bala, they didn't answer. We took a beating but I told my guys it was just one game, next would probably be better. Except it wasn't cause we got the exact same thing. I convinced them to play one last after waiting 5 mins... and it was TRTH again. At that point, knowing they were facing a pretty bad team, they didn't play, they passed. they formed a circle around me, passing between them and dodging the newcommers. When I asked them to stop (at the beginning of 2nd) Deadmeat PM me, saying "sorry dude, it's for league, you're good training ^^' ". I left after insulting them and didn't log for 10 days. Never saw those pubers again either.
- Luffy and Plutos has shown similar if not worst BM than dex both in the past and the present, so did players like Enzo or Commander, hell, I've even seen Ilv or Yautja insult newcomers in the past, over multiple games. Even the first game I had with dicky, he despaired over some guy I knew with 20-30 games who was playing particularly badly, I remember thinking he must be some snake-like guy right?

Pubs are games where people get aggravated they are unfair by nature. Yes the reaction of a guy who feel he's been wronged varies, from Xeirex who left an unba pub again me saying "no ***ing balance", to duckhunter actually pming me once to say he lost because he was 1v4, which are rather mild and normal reactions, to me (yeah I can't just point fingers at others can I ?) calling players noobs in game or debating for ages in a chat why I'm right in what I did and how wrong the other party is, telling a new player he is "useless". All the way up to guys like that infamous NA player (I went back to read the forum post on him). We had one like that too : Commander. Most of you probably dk him, since he only pubed. Basically I crushed him with platos one game, so he decided to ruin every pub we played together (opting out and leaving goal, following us in other arcades after having befriended me...) for about a month, before he stopped.

Dex's ape calling is far FAR less problematic or aggravating than snake's insults. Yet, I never saw anyone openly complain about it here. Is it because he has changed since then ? I won't actually make any insulting guesses and just say it's because the forum wasn't online yet when he was doing that. But how can you give Snake a chance to improve and not give one to Dexter ? Seems arbitrary and unfair to me.

Bottom line :
- I mean no disrespect to all the people here, that make this community live while I just sit back enjoy both the games and the events they so gracefully organize on their free time, but how can you judge Dex, considering he can't express himself in channel chat to defend himself (what did he do that was so terrible he got perma-banned ? I feel like such mesure is so rare I really wanna know what terrible thing caused it) ?
- If you ban him because you think he's toxic to the community, stoping the community from growing, why not ban every guy that's equally as aggravating? If I take a screenshot of Yautja, Luffy or Snake raging can I post it and say "Hey that guy, lots of you don't like him, he rages a lot, I think we should ban" are players going to agree the same way ? I wouldn't be glad to oblige though, I'd lose at least 1/8 of current pub star from the small calculation I made tonight.

Personally I think Dexter has been improving for the past few months, and I'd rather see him regain his rights to zealot chat than stop playing or just be circling around the community. What would happen if a few priv players suddenly decided to go pub, would you just kick him from the start saying "I don't want to play with Dex !" when you yourselves mostly play privs (not talking about you dicky...)?

Again, there are maybe some elements I don't know about, like how and why he was kicked or some horrors he's said or done in pubs (Alass said he made him want to stop playing but I was caught in a zh chat monologue and couldn't ask before he disconnected...) but from where I stand this is way too severe and way too arbitrary. I'd love to have some decent explanation as to what singles dexter out of other pub ragers who BM newcomers every chance they get.
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by Tenkz » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:13 pm

I'm all for banning luffy and snake.

Dexter isn't even a douche he's aspiring to be a comedian from what I can tell.

It's bad to BM new players, but this happens in E V E R Y video game community. The only thing that really absolutely RUINS games, is when you leave instantly when one starts. We can't stop uncivilized people from BMing new players, but experienced players and members of the community should not be BMing new players.
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by l)arkangel » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:55 pm

ban yeuyeu. post is too long ;D
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by Rigensis » Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:18 am

YeuYeu - quiet a speech you gave there! Such a passion! Nice to see that :D

I`m not sure if there was any chance that dexter is going to be perma ip-ban for that. I took Dicky`s post more like an expression of frustration - and rightful one. It is tough to play pubs - no matter - eu or na because of some bad personalities.

About snake - he was for sometime banned in zh group. Right now he have half season ban in league. But for different kind of offenses than the old snake.

I block ppl who are getting on my nerves, quit lobbies where they are and report them if I am in a really bad mood.

And if you are host - kick him out of the game - that kind of behavior shouldn't be tolerated. Since, by the looks, blizzard is not active with giving account suspensions to offenders, we are left with community`s self regulation. And kicking from lobbies is one way to do it, blocking is second.

Also - if you are tired of pubs - come to private games. There is a little bit less BM Kappa :D
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by Dalton » Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:46 am

YeuYeu wrote: "Why ban him and not all the guys who actually did crush and insult pubers for months at one point or another ?"
I dunno , good suggestion imo, and dexter is(was?) one of these people from my experience. I don't pub much anymore though so i cannot tell what its like now.

@Tenkz how do you get your signature like that? when i try to put an image in it gives me a 120px height restriction.
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by Dexter » Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:43 am

Hi there, after laughing so much reading this, let me say 2 things:

firstly i wonder how you guys are using your internet and how you can speak about things like an IP Ban even without knowing what it actually is.
Let me explain it for you:
If you visit pages like whatismyip DOT com it will tell you your computers IP Adress. That is an address your computer can be identified and accessed with from other computers in the internet. Problem is that this adress changes over time. That is because your internet provider gives you a so called dynamic IP Address whenever your Router makes a new connection to the internet. You can manually disconnect/reconnect your Router so you can get a new IP Adress whenever you want to. Most Routers do a disconnect/reconnect automatically every 24 hours. So if you note your todays IP Address and look tomorrow it probably is another one.
This is the reason why no permanent IP Ban is possible in internet games. I dont speak about SC2 i speak about ALL internet games.
Some ppl allready said you that there is no IP Ban possible but you still talk about it.

Why? This is not smart.

You can do an IP Ban ONLY when a computer has a so called static or permanent IP Address which you often have in Local Networks like a University maybe.

secondly i want to apologize. I agree with Dicky in one thing. I insult to much, fact. I try to stop it, YeuYeu allready recognized that.

Let me conclude with pointing out that Tenkz got it right i love to troll and i have my own understanding of comedy. That helps me alot handle the pub games i play, because pub games are pure horror.
Also let me say that your community has much greater problems than me. I speak about players wishing cancer (Yautja) to other players or yelling bad words much worse than ape (Vogin).

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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by DerrocK » Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:14 am

Is this thread related to GeL?
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Re: Overly toxic player EU

Post by LinGuini » Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:15 am

LinGKinG1 wrote:I love Dexter.

Always helping others.
Maintaining strong composure at all times.

Darling to all.
Each and everyday, always wanting to play.
X-tra ordinary.
Teaching others.
Exclaiming interesting words, usually having something to do with apes.
Rejected by some, loved by others.
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