League Mode Intermission - Ready Button

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Re: League Mode Intermission - Ready Button

Post by themusic » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:16 pm

EVENT: Player Types Chat Message -skipstats
CONDITION: Triggering Player is on Team 3
IF: Intermission time remaining > 1.0 seconds
THEN: Sets the intermission time remaining to 1.0 seconds
ELSE: Text message "noob obs, it's not intermission" to all players

Wont even need ui! :3
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Re: League Mode Intermission - Ready Button

Post by wawmoose » Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:28 pm

themusic wrote:Would all 8 players and caster have to hit ready or just players? Do bench players need to ready up too? Would there be a timer that expires and continues the game automatically if not everyone presses it?

I guess id just like to understand the benefits. If its just the ability to skip the stats and not wait the full minute thats different than allocating more time and waiting for everyone to opt in (bathroom breaks, yoga/stretching, meditation, etc). Hot pockets take 1:50.
I was just thinking the 'Captain's' from the lobby would get the button.
But that's just one way of doing it. You have best judgement on what's efficient and functional ^.^
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