PayPal closed / No more rewards for Leagues

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PayPal closed / No more rewards for Leagues

Post by xNCrush » Wed May 13, 2015 1:29 am

Hi everyone,

We have closed the paypal donation link until all existing requests can be finalized. It may remain closed indefinitely. It's tough to keep focused on old requests when new requests keep piling in, so for now we're no longer accepting your generous donations until we can get everything sorted out.

Additionally, it has been decided that the practice of giving skins/horns/whatever else as rewards for winning a league, tournament, clan war, or whatever else will cease effective immediately. There are many reasons for this, and I'll go through the big ones. What we will do is add the winning team name and starting roster to the loading screen where it will be visible to all.

1. First and foremost, we don't get paid for it. It's not like individual player donations where there's money involved. We're talking dozens upon dozens of hours of work to make customized rewards for every player on a ZHL/EZHL team. It's exhausting, it takes away from time we could/should have been spending fulfilling requests from people who have given us their hard earned money.

2. It's overwhelming. ZHL/EZHL seasons run very quickly, and the amount of requests that build up are hard to deal with. It's a large part of the reason a lot of requests have taken months upon months to complete. Again, we apologize for that, but again, but Zealot Hockey isn't any of our "jobs". It's a passion that we've tried to make as fun for the community as possible.

3. Ya'll get mad when you don't get your shit. And we don't blame you. Not getting something you were promised sucks (and we will get it to you). But all us devs dream of the day when we're not hounded about a skin or horn or something every time we log in, and we think we can achieve that soon.

So thank you for bearing with us. I've almost got the horn work done (sorry for being a few days past due, I'm really doing my best and life doesn't give me much room to work with still and you bastards keep piling on the extra requests -- I've received almost two dozen PMs since I locked the post)

I'll be opening one last thread where we will consolidate all remaining skin-related requests and we will finally be caught up.

Thanks for your understanding friends.

- Crush