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Re: Camo Skin

Post by Tenkz » Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:17 pm

Eldersage wrote:
Bulbasaaur wrote:u forgot no skins that change ur model owait..
My tank is far more visually accurate to the true area it represents than an immortal.

When I play on smurfs I find that my own stick is quite often hiding behind the tall immortal body, leading to visual ambiguity. The tall body also gives the illusion of a slightly higher position than to where it truly is. Even those legs, moving around over a false empty space beneath the body - they can make it unclear how far down the immortal really goes, and where its true unit-circle precisely is.
The height of your tank is the most confusing thing, though. I don't know how high I have to elevate my shots for them to go over you. It's very game-breaking IMO.
Eldersage wrote: Even those legs
Legs or hot dogs?

Also I really think there's little ambiguity with any model in the game. It's pretty easy to know the hitboxes, and Elder's tank is one of the more clear examples IMO. The immortal's size doesn't fit it's entire hitbox and that can be confusing when trying to make a precise far post shot.
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Re: Camo Skin

Post by Watermelon » Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:18 am

the tank is bad but there are worse ones.

having a different unit model gives you an unfair advantage because you have far more experience with that model's visual cues relative to its hit box than any other player, because no one else is playing with your model on the rink nearly as much as you are. it doesn't matter how visually optimal it is, it strays from the competitive norm. make all goalies siege tanks, or none of them
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