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Re: Monthly Tournaments

Post by Bulbasaaur » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:10 am

OptimusReim wrote:
Tenkz wrote: Organization:
Depending on administrator vote, the bracket will either be randomized or seeded by weighing our opinions of all teams and seeding them appropriately.
The tournament will take place on one single day.

I thought the tournament was a lot of fun, even though Perp was stone cold and Zach made me cry. Maybe not monthly but im sure something like every 2 months, or once zhl has concluded.

IMO Basetrade blundered the seeding by making Error404 play Fruits first round.
I think seeding could be done through sign ups. have people sign up with their ID and confirmed with admins. Players who are not involved in the league and probe could participate in an bo1 open bracket.

have admins and organizers seed high level teams / seed teams comprised of ZHL starting calibre players after the open bracket. Have the seeding randomized because a group of death bracket could be interesting especially if there is no cash on the line. These games could be a bo3 or bo1 if there is a loser bracket. This way we can reduce the number of walkover games and encourage more balanced competition. all things considered not a ridiculous amount of teams signed up (maybe 16?) so even if things don't go smoothly it would add maybe an extra hour or so. (basetrade started at around 1, ended around 5?)

i think tournaments are cool because you can dedicate a single day to it instead of the multiple times a week like in zhl.

i just want the ez bracket pls and ty
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