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Post by stealthmeh » Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:13 pm

Sadly tempo passing probably wont become popular because they require a great deal of chemistry to be consistent and are less safe than traditional guer walk behind net into board pass (which if done correctly can be as strong as tempo passes if no boost is needed to catch them and if they have significant power).

Also streamed games are generally higher delay/chop/lag so this makes tempo passing even less safe because you cant predict the outcome of your passes as easily. Basically tempo passing prob wont become popular in the near future in ZHL it could potentially in like "night league" or some not yet created "uncasted league".

As for community BM I would just ignore it because trolls tend to enjoy pissing ppl off and will BM extra if they see that you are being affected by it. And most of what they are saying they don't actually mean at all until you return the bm back to them.
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Post by NSIC » Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:47 pm

Thank you for your comment Stealth -- I'm grateful for all comments that bring discussion (pro or against my position).

Tempo passing requires practice, as does any skill. And if your trying to perform a skill that you haven't trained, mistakes and dangerous plays can occur at a high frequency. The high skill cap of tempo passing should not be prohibitive to players who take their game seriously and want to improve. Me and TwoDuece have been practicing tempo passing since pretty much day 1 (lots of times over-passing, but good practice none the less). When we are warm and in the zone we have little trouble connecting passing and making game changing plays (no uncertain click battles required). Including super fine threads that the majority of players don't consider.

I noticed Watermelon was practicing the tempo passing style and indeed made a couple of mistakes (that's not a bad thing!). I also noticed he made some brilliant passes which highlight the strengths of what I speak. Watermelon went out of his comfort zone to try new things and I consider that is one of the reasons why he is such a great player and will continue to be on the cutting edge.

As for the traditional off the board pass, I'm not really a fan. I'm really quite surprised that its effective due to its predictability. It seems to me that a skilled defender with positioning can cut it down without much effort. And to stress again, competent defensive teams will be able shut down offense just because the mechanics of defense are easier then the mechanics of offense e.g. the attacking team has to force an opening/mistake where as the defensive team just needs positioning and can click without much concern for possession. Their are also redundant safe guards for defense, not so for offense. I reason that is why really good defense only yields 0-2 goals a game.

As for community BM, its probably more of a vocal minority than the majority of players. I feel non-BM players should stop being so apathetic and look out for others. Otherwise people will continue to quit the game and the community will stagnant. Some players that I've enjoyed playing with have quit long ago for bm reasons. I put most of the blame on the apathetic majority.

For my situation, what a bunch of internet kids say to me doesn't really matter. BUT, because of the bad taste in my mouth I've lost all incentive to contribute to the community. It is probably wiser for me to spend my time elsewhere. You are right though, slight Bm'ing swift and mensa (the only people I bm'ed that game) only fanned the flames. If I was more mature I would of behaved differently, still learning.

I salute Reim and Kurt for making an effort in the community to decrease bm.
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Post by Marker » Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:00 pm

i just had an enchilada.


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Post by Cervalicious » Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:33 am

Marker wrote:i just had an enchilada.
fkin vegen
get rekt
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Post by Ezhockey » Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:05 am

lol NSIC where are you man don't tell me the crabmen gotcha
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Post by MoS » Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:56 am

I used to play tempo passing in previous EU seasons. Tempo passing is cool, but it also brings a huge amount of tunnel vision. I used to tempo pass all the time and miss shot opportunities or moves because of being focused on tempo passing. It also requires you to be relatively close to each other, which makes your team less spread and easier to defend, at least from the goalkeeper point of view.

Though indeed tempo passing will bring you opportunities that no other technique can, it will also increase the number of passes, thus increasing the number of missed passes and the number of interception. You can't argue that perpetual training will make you not miss passes, because that's an argument applicable to any other technique...
If you miss a pass, you lose all your tempo, and then you have to face a solid defense, against which you can't tempo pass, or at least it won't give you any advantage. Then you need to be able to set up a correct play against a set up defense, which is actually possible, and whilst you can argue against spamming and clicking to be a good option to score, if you manage to pass to your mate on the crease and he just has a click battle to win to score, even if it's only a 30% scoring chance, it's still a great chance offensive-wise.
So yeah, if you argue with "with practice you will do things well and it will be awesome", I can just say the same thing with any other technique. Tempo passing is stylish, looks nice, but is just another way of playing the game that you should, if you want to be a top tier player :
- 1. master
- 2. use
- 3. mix up with other styles.
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Post by Ezhockey » Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:34 pm

Mos is correct.

you guys are so 1 dimensional.

Tempo passing should be a team chemistry technique that all good teams have.

But never is that to be considered a strategy all on its own.

Tempo passing should be considered a basic if you want to open doors to bigger strategic plays.

MoS did you ever get that program watermelon used? for drawing plays
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Post by Spartan670 » Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:35 pm

Hi Sensei NSIC :) !!
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