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Patch Notes

Post by reputed » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:24 am

█ = Implemented
█ = Imminent Release
█ = Development In Progress

-A new tournament mode will be implemented for ZHL season 3, private matches, and other tournaments.
-An oval rink will be implemented because it should be in the game.

October 29th, 2014
-Collision tests on game models have been lowered to help optimize the game and lower latency and lag problems.
-A new shot counter has been added to the game to more correctly calculate shots on goal.
-A tab feature has been added to see players all time stats during the game.
-Awards that a player has won from previous tournaments will show up as well.
-Fixed an issue where players became unable to obtain the puck after a onetimer.

July 10th, 2014
- BankEncrypt+ is now active
- Do not attempt to alter bank file; if you do so, all data will be wiped and reset
- Fixed an issue where pressing 'W' as goaltender would cause the unit to move towards the center of the rink
- Fixed a bug when using boost and shoot simultaneously that would cause the puck to freeze
- Slightly increased the model of goaltender stick to more accurately represent its reach
- Cooldowns of the "Force Field" and "Check" abilities have been reduced from 12 to 10
- Fixed a bug where pressing a certain key could change your unit model to an igloo

May 17th, 2014
- Fixed a crucial bug regarding the 'z' (check) ability which fixed the following
- The boost duration would stop prematurely if you boosted very close to the puck but not grabbing it
- The range that could steal from other zealots using 'check' was reduced on the backside of the zealot
This phenomenon was coined the 'Vacuum Z' due to the skater looking like he was using a vacuum to suck the puck towards him/her
- Similarly, the steal mechanic has been adjusted to be much more visuaully accurate
- Prior, zealots stealing puck behind their back had a greater range so that once left click steal was used, the other skater could not
left click to steal it back.
- Added board sounds when the skater crashes into the board
- Fixed an issue where sometimes the map would not load properly
- Left click steal cooldown decreased by 25%
- Player faceoff % is now shown above players before a faceoff

V 1.127
May 5th, 2014
- The terrain has been significantly improved visually
- The rink lines are now red/blue in color
- The rink lines are extremely precise (no jagged lines)
- The center of the rink now contains a zealot hockey logo
- Added the ability to pull the goalie from the net under certain conditions
- The team pulling the goaltender must be down by 1-2 points
- The game must be in the 3rd period with 60 (2 goals down) or 45 (1 goal down) seconds or less remaining
- The timer has been visually modified
- Shows accuracy to 100th of a second when under 10 seconds left (60 seconds left in Period 3 or OT)
- Changed the goaltender choosing conditions when every player on a team opts out of goalie
- When everyone is opted out, you can only be goalie at max once every other turn
- Fixed several issues regarding the game lobby
- The host is now unable to drag players to change the team sizes in lobby (Always a 4v4)
- The option to add A.I. has been disabled
- The loading screen has been updated
- Reduced shootout turn time to 15 seconds (down from 20)
- Fixed a bug causing skaters being able to 'X' ability to go through walls
- Fixed an issue where rank badges could be seen on the billboard
- Fixed an issue where the final stats board wasn't showing correctly when the game ended by shootout
- Ending player stats now show when a team forfeits
- Fixed a bug that casued zealots to be unable to function properly in shootouts under certain conditions[/color]
- Added the ability to tentatively save/load games with a generated key.

Access the dialog by typing -save
This feature is not yet supported because many aspects have not yet been tested/smoothed out yet. Please do not attempt to alter the key.
Also, please note the following regarding the Save/Load feature:
- You may only load a key when the key was generated with the same players and same teams
- Restricted to at most 99 goals scored on each team, 99 shots on goals each team
- Does not support generating save key during Shootout event
- Does not support generating save key during Pull Goalie event
- Does not support generating save key during Goal event
- Currently does not support abilities cooldown, previous points (prevent duplication), personal options
- Please report any bugs or suggestions regarding this feature

V 1.126
April 16th, 2014
- Fixed an isssue where goalie faceoff holds weren't working as intended
- The score screen now shows for games ending in overtime or shootout
- An issue has been fixed where goalie forcefields used right before faceoff could cause unintended movement
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause goalies to score twice on an own goal
- Using 'Stop' as goalie while 'Z' is active now cancels the remaining duration of the ability

V 1.120
March 7th, 2014
- Puck handling mechanics have been modified
- You can regain possession of the puck the moment you shoot it if you make it pass through your skater at a low speed
- Otherwise, the immunity to puck time from the moment you shoot has been reduced from 1 second to 0.6 seconds
- Fixed an issue that was allowing the skaters to go through walls
- Modified goal regions and goal lines
- One-timers can only be used once per cast
- Turnovers/Steals now does not increment when stealing from allied players
- Skaters may now cancel their one-timers by pressing 'C' again
- Changed goal horn to avoid copyright issue
- Uploaded to Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia servers

V 1.114
February 28h, 2014

- One-timer velocity has been revised
- Slower passes will still yield reasonable shot speeds
- The distance between your mouse cursor and your skater when you one-time a shot affects how fast your shot will be
- Goalie 'Check' (Z) ability now checks in the exact direction of your current issued order instead of the facing of the unit
- This fixes the occasional inconsistencies when using the ability quickly while your goalie is turning
- Shootout turn time has been reduced to 20 seconds, down from 30
- Added crowd gasps for goalie saves at the net using stick or Check (Z)
- Goalies can now only receive a maximum of one 'Goalie Saved' stat per forcefield
- Made billboards have the ability to have customizable scrolling text
- Intermission stats have been tinted based on the players' respective team colors
- Fixed an issue in shootouts where a player's turn could be skipped and counted as a failed attempt
- Fixed an issue that was causing the timer to start 1 second before skaters could start moving during faceoffs
- Forcefield size has been increased 10%
- Goalie "check" radius increased
- Players can now steal from a player who is checking by left clicking
- Two new stats have been added, passes and possession time. Passes are worth 1 point each.
- Goalies can now press the spacebar to center the camera on their goal.
- Goalies can no longer move in and out of the crease to delay the game
- If the puck is inside the goalie crease unmoving for an extended time, a faceoff will occur
- The stats point scheme has been reworked as follows:
Steals: 1 point
Turnovers: -1 point
Goals: 10 points
Assists: 5 points
Pickups: 1 point
Passes: 2 points
Goalie Save: 3 points
Goal Allow: -5 points
- The goal area is now a different color to make the goal line more clear
- The goal "region" has been moved further back into the net as a result
- Slide stop power increased

V 1.98
February 6th, 2014

- Points are now correctly awarded at the end of the game for both the winning and losing teams
- Points are now immediately rewarded after the game is finished instead of a few seconds after
- Points are not saved when there are not an equal number of players on each team, and at least a 3v3
- The Timer text does not change confusingly right at the moment a period ends
- A new period does not begin after the game ends anymore
- Shootout warning timer beep has been extended from 5 to 10 seconds to match with period end warnings
- Own goals do not give the scorer a goal anymore
- New players will have Opt-out of Goalie checked by default so they can get a grasp of what they are doing as a zealot first

V 1.95
February 4th, 2014

- Fixed an issue that was causing one-timers to have too much power
- Observers can now see the scoreboard when viewing Everyone
- Puck no longer gets stuck on the boards
- Zealots cannot go through the net from being forcefielded anymore
- Fixed an issue with goaltenders rarely being able to poke their stick through the net
- Pucks now cannot be taken while under a goalie's forcefield
- Fixed a rare case where skaters would not score if they shot the puck while their stick was inside the goal
- Added Shots On Goal Display

V 1.90
February 2nd, 2014

- Visit our new website, for full details on all the latest patches!
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to go through the net
- Fixed an issue with the shoot bar not disappearing for a goalie who was winding up to shoot during a faceoff hold
- Skaters do not stop and turn in the direction of pings anymore, and pings are now unselectable
- Skaters can now use ping while they have possession without shooting the puck
- Fixed an issue where the shooting function wasn't being properly reset after a skater lost possession of the puck from being checked
- All unit turn speed increased by 30%
- Badges are now displayed above a player during every faceoff to indicate their W/L ratio performance
Bronze: 0%
Silver: 30%
Gold: 40%
Platinum: 50%
Diamond: 60%
Master: 70%
Grandmaster: 80%
- Goalie speed and acceleration increased by 15%
- The "One-Timer" ability has been redesigned
- Fixed an issue that was occurring with certain player's custom skins
- Goalie "Force Field" size reduced by 10%
- Goalie "Force Field" cooldown increased to 12 seconds from 8 seconds

V 1.84
January 27th, 2014

- Fixed an issue that would cause a player's shot bar to stay on the screen
- Added a crown icon to designate point leading MVP
- Check cooldown increased to 12 seconds from 8 seconds
- Height of puck reimplemented
- New arcade logo
- Overtime length has been increased to 90 seconds from 60 seconds
- Fixed an issue where the "One-Timer" ability was not refreshing its cooldown

V 1.79
January 18th, 2014

- Major improvements in the aspects of smoothness, responsivenes, and lag
- The hockey puck and stick rotation/movement are no longer choppy
- Skaters now respond to acceleration changes within 1/16th of a second of issuing the order, compared to half a second previously
- There have been heavy internal lag optimizations
- Fixed a long standing bug where many objects would randomly simultaneously stop moving
- Skater acceleration has been increased by 33%
- Fixed an issue where the faceoff hold timer on the right goal was 8 seconds instead of 4
- Zealot body possession radius has been increeased to 0.85 from 0.75
- You no longer stop moving when activating the one-timer ability
- One timers have been added a trail effect
- Fixed an issue that corrupted the validity of the number of games won when an entire team left the game
-The wins/games played of users affected will be reset; however your points will be maintained
- Fixed red goal lights not turning off after a goal on the left side
- Fixed an issue that would cause a faceoff to occur during shootouts in certain situations

V 1.74
January 13th, 2014

- Shootout, which occurs when it is still tied after overtime, has been re-implemented and is now in working condition
- Shootouts have been added a GUI to indicate the status of the shootout
- Fixed an important issue with forcefields 'trapping' the puck if forcefield was moving too fast.
You can only stop the puck completely with forcefield if you activate forcefield right as the puck is in its range, 'catching' the puck
- Fixed an issue where players could sometimes retain the puck after after a period ended
- Forfeit conditions now work as intended
- Fixed an issue that prevented goaltenders from moving with the check ability while forcefield was activated
- Overtime has been reduced from 4 to 1 minute
- Extensive goalie stats and goalie ELO have been added, and can be accessed through toggling the dialog using the 'G' hotkey
- Puck should no longer be in an incorrect location after a stoppage of play
- Turnovers weren't being counted when intercepting without using 'check'
- Stealing with left click as goalie counts as goalie save if near their net
- When the puck rebounds off a forcefield, it takes into consideration the momentum of the forcefield to determine the resultant velocity
- A new "One-Timer" ability has been added
- Slide stop cooldown changed from 3 to 1 second
- Ping marker ability added
- Time for which a goalie must hold the puck before faceoff has been decreased to 4 seconds
- Fixed an issue where the "check" ability was not working as intended
- Players can no longer steal from a player who is checking by left clicking
- The puck can no longer fly through between a skater's body and stick

V 1.69
January 9th, 2014

- Several external and internal overhauls have been made to reduce lag and optimize performance
- The boards surrounding the rink have been replaced with more static models
- The civilians surrounding the arena have been removed
- The internal implementation of object-on-boards collision has been heavily optimized
- Determination of goalie save percentages are now more accurate
- Skaters now 'bounce' off the goalie crease if not permitted inside, instead of 'sticking' to it
- Skaters now 'bounce' off the goal posts rather so much than stick to them
- Puck on stick and puck on unit intersection detection is now 10 times more reliable than before
- To compensate, the potential max radius for catching a puck with a non-goalie player stick has been reduced by approximately 17%
- A very small catching radius has been added on the central body of the zealot
- Fixed an issue where the check ability would not change the possession behavior as intended when trying to pick up a loose puck
- Players now cannot steal the puck directly from the goaltender's stick if they are in their crease
- The algorithm for determining the rate at which the shooting meter increases over time has been adjusted to correspond with recent patches
- The emitted sound for shooting the puck is more loud and crisp, and no longer gets drowned out over the other game sounds
- Added crowd noises and thud noises for goalie blocker saves
- When goalies shoot the puck when the puck is inside their own goal region, the puck now has a half second grace period to clear the net
- Goalie and goalie stick size increased by 20%
- Check cooldown changed from 10 to 8 seconds
- Slide stop cooldown changed from 5 to 3 seconds
- Force field size increased by 15%

V 1.66
January 5th, 2014

- Added the options menu. This currently supports 2 options:
- Request to opt out of goalie position
- Request to only play as goalie position
The internal randomizer will take into account the entire team's preferences and randomize to best suit the options
Your custom preferences are saved within the options menu
- Fixed an issue that would allow goals to count after a goal has just been made
- Fixed an issue that would cause goalie faceoff hold to occur up to 1 second later
- Fixed the shooting bar not properly disappearing if a player was winding up a shot while a period ended
- Players are now locked as the protoss race
- Removed error notifications when trying to move uncommandable units/to use abilities on cooldown
- Rink size increased, allowing for more room behind the goals
- Teams are now awarded a victory upon another team forfeiting
- If the game has surpassed one minute of real time, victory points shall be awarded to the winning team
- All bank files have been reset as a result of the victory condition updates
- Fixed an issue that occured when a goalie used the FF ability at the end of a period

V 1.63
January 3rd, 2014

- Stats window adjusted
- Check cooldown reduced from 12 to 10
- Fixed an issue that would occur upon a player leaving the game
- Screenshots added
- How to play section updated

V 1.54
December 29th, 2013

- Goalie force field ability duration decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
- Shoot button changed from left click to "C"
- Players can no longer use "check" before the game starts
- Faceoff start locations closer to puck

V 1.46
December 28th, 2013

- Goalie force field ability added
- Goalie speed increased by 15%
- Added intermission stats
- Added MVP points/player reward points
- Fixed net boundaries and collisions with puck
- Fixed an issue that didn't reset puck velocity correctly upon repossession
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to grab the puck after a goal
- Added goal lights
- Fixed an issue that would let you shoot puck while inside your net
- Fixed an issue that would let you pick up the ball with 'Check' during a stoppage of play
- Adjusted randomization to be purely random
- Added spotlight to indicate the scorer of each goal
- Shot bar now reduces by approximately 1/5th of max power eveery time you move while shooting
- All zealots are now blocked from both goal boxes
- Players can no longer charge a shot before possessing the puck
- Reverted inertia counting towards player's shots
- Crowd added

V 1.36
December 25th, 2013

- Fixed Team 2 Win% not showing correctly
- Fixed Timer starting at 4:59
- Fixed shooting meter disappearing if you got puck again and began shooting fast enough
- Allowed shooting meter wind up when puck is in ally possession or no possession
- Reduced initial facoff timer value from 30 to 15
- Changed the pace at which the shoot meter increases (accelerates faster to slower)
- Fixed an issue where the puck was 'lagging' back to possession of the unit that shot while using check
- Improved goal corners
- Players can no longer go through the net
- Puck will no longer fly through post or net
- Adjusted goal regions
- Perfected posts to sufficient accuracy (over 99.9%)
- Increased radius of steal puck from 2.5 to 3
- Puck now continues with its physics after a goal instead of disappearing
- Physics added for puck hitting insides of net
- Goalie holding puck for faceoff now works as intended
- Puck flickering height reduced by 2/3
- Drag selection boxes are now disabled
- Inertia no longer affects a player's shot
- Reduced power of "check" ability

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