Assigned Salary Values

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Re: Assigned Salary Values

Post by l)arkangel » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:05 am

@tk: I see where your coming from. In current league conditions that could very well be true. Personally I am hoping to promote team depth over a few very good players. This is why I would make the salary of players kept pretty high and therefore wouldn't have much to spare for other players. To promote teams with depth, my idea is to require players to play in x number of regular season game to be eligible to play in the playoffs. As for how things transition into next season, I'm not against a redraft, but I don't think a full redraft should be necessary for every expansion.

edit: regarding new teams: they would more likely than not have a worse team after the draft. No arguments there. However, if the keeper system is set up correctly, the new teams will have much more extra salary to float around. Teams that kept players could possibly run into salary problems and realize that they don't have much depth for their team and have to trade one of the top tier players simply to make room for a few more players mid-level players. Essentially, new teams would have to make a few moves to become contenders, but the possibility would be there (atleast my hypothetical thinking leads me to believe so).
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Re: Assigned Salary Values

Post by Kyle » Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:36 pm

TK makes a very valid point, and a redraft may be unavoidable for that reason. There may simply be not enough skill to go around if teams hang on to 3 to 4 players.

That does bring me back to questioning the purpose of the salary, though. If it can be negotiated to anything, and there's no real incentive for players to want a higher one, why have it at all? Maybe we should consider some kind of formula to assign salaries to people in addition to a redraft? Use a petition system for players with values that are too high to bring them down, or reduce values automatically for players with less than a certain number of games played, probably calculate goalie salaries with a separate formula, and just universally acknowledge that defensemen are underpaid? :P

I would like to hear thoughts on this whole subject from ownership, though. But maybe none of the owners are planning on sticking around for next season anyway.
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Re: Assigned Salary Values

Post by brucecambell » Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:50 pm

Some of us are...honestly i don't post much about this topic cuz it would take up 2pages...topics like this are best saved for a discussion. ..but i like to read the forums to see what good ideas you all that when are discussing...i can bring up your points