Official Elhar Rankings Poggers

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Official Elhar Rankings Poggers

Post by Elharion » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:45 pm

Now for the elhar official rankings.

Tier 1
Korhal Warpigs: Korhal has the potential to be a very strong team. It could end up being very weak, but I think it will be very strong. Having vapour, maha, and cerv on the same team has a lot of potential if maha and cerv practice, and vap shows up. They were all top players at one point, and this team will win for sure if they get back into the shape they were in in their prime. In addition, they are all very strong passers, and might be able to make magic happen. Another problem they have is in their goalies. If ifound shows up, he'll be able to be a good goalie for them, but perplex is very unproven recently. His high ping on west may also hurt them.
Key to Victory: Op passing, perplex doesn't let in 5 snipes/game
Offense: A
Defense: B
Goaltending: C
Server Flexibility: B-
Bold Prediction: Any game that vapour misses they will lose.

Char Meleons: Char could arguably be anywhere on this list, but in general seems to be a very strong team. They have eric, and will have either 2d or mets every game (except in a game 5 in playoffs, which would be worrying). In their third skater spot, they have a lot of options. We can expect to see lime starting all of the east games they play. On EU, he is a consistent first rounder who can play all positions, but generally plays support or d, and is the best defender on eu. He gets good ping to east. Additionally elharion over the past two seasons has been a very reliable goalie on east. This team does run into a problem on west. Neither twodeuce or mets has low ping to west, eric has very high ping, and we have not seen consistent west performances from elharion. This team will also need to decide who else they can rely on playing west. Undertaker or percial will have to step up as a third skater for this team on west, and hopefully they will be able to get their west games as well.
Key to Victory: Elhar blocks something on west, undertaker or percial step up
Offense: A+
Defense: B+
Goaltending: B
Server Flexibility: B-
Bold Prediction: Elhar lets in at least one snipe every west game

Kaldir Yetis: Kaldir is an undeniably strong team. They have tom and swift, who are both players with good pings on all servers. Both can play all roles very well, and work together spectacularly. JMoney also has good pings to all servers, and will be able to keep up a solid backline for the team. Bulb as a goalie is very untested, and also doesn't get good ping to west, but should be able to do everything this team needs out of him. We can expect this to be one of the best teams if bulb plays well and swift tom and jmoney play well together.
Key to Victory: Nobody quitting
Offense: A
Defense: A
Goaltending: Who knows
Server Flexibility: A-

Tier 2
New Gettysburg Flyers: NGF is a great team and we can expect a pretty good season from them. They have a very strong defender in guerrila and a very strong attacker in kwakster. We can also expect solid performances from blitz on east and central. Peter will be a great skater on west but they have a few questions that need to be answered before they will become a truly great team. First of all, who will goalie on west? Blitz gets like over 100 ms to west, and it is very hard to play goalie like that. Will blitz be able to handle it, or will somebody like leper need to step up so they can have a consistent west goalie? Another potential question is about their skaters on east. Peter is very strong on west, but gets very high ping to east. Will they need to find another skater for east? Maybe kngmoda or bizarro will step up their game a lot, and something like that may save the team.
Key to Victory: Good teamwork and a west goalie,
Offense: B+
Defense: B+
Goaltending: Who knows
Server Flexibility: B

Zerus Redlings: Zerus is a solid team all around, and we can expect some pretty good performances here as well. They have a very solid attacker in dustdevil. Dustdevil has been playing very well, and we can expect that with lingking gone he will be a top scorer. He is a bit questionable though, because he is an unproven skater on west, and in addition he sometimes misses games due to his early bed time. Their first rounder though, Zach, is somebody who is going to be all over the place for this team. He has pretty good pings to all servers (not great on west) and can also play very well in all positions. He will likely be playing support for dustdevil most of the time, but may rotate into defense and let sly go up when there is an opportunity to do so. Their third skater is sly. Sly proved his worth season 12, playing an important role as a third man who sometimes rotated up into a support role. He is consistent on all servers and has proven to be very viable in zhl. Additionally, he has the potential to become a lot better over the course of the season. In the net is alerteyes. He has pretty good pings to all servers, and can always make the saves that need to be made. Additionally, if they needed another skater for some reason, he used to be a great skater.
Key to Victory: Good teamwork and consistent attendance
Offense: A
Defense: B
Goaltending: B
Server Flexibility: B-

Tier 3
Shakuras Inquisition: It is hard to tell what will happen with this team, and I debated whether they belonged in the trash tier. They have three west players who are very strong attackers, and they have gandalf who has potential to be a great goalie on all servers, but this team might be a mess. It is clear that none of these skaters play much defense, but they will need to figure something out on defense or this team is dead. Additionally, they are quite dead on east. Water would have been much better off if they had drafted a more server flexible defender in the third round, or taken maha in the second round so they weren't completely west. Gandalf is a strong goalie if he plays and doesn't troll.
Key to Victory: They score a ridiculous amount and somehow snag an east game in the playoffs
Offense: A+
Defense: C+
Goaltending: B
Server Flexibility: D

Tarsonis City Tigers: When I saw the draft I was sure aiur was gonna be alone in trash tier, but at this point its hard to give aiur that pleasure alone, when this team might be worse. This team has lost like every scrim they played. Their d is pretty bad, their goaltending is weak, especially on east, and they don't score enough goals to make up for it. The team pretty much just sucks. In addition, all of their skaters are east skaters, and poodle being an eu will make finding a west sub necessary.
Key to Victory: They just aren't gonna
Offense: B+
Defense: C+
Goaltending: C+
Server Flexibility: B-

Wtf Tier
Aiur Storms: This team could probably make it into the tier above it and just scratch this one, but this deserves its own tier. I say that, because the team could really end up anywhere. It will probably be the worst team by far, because, "If Lightning is the best skater on your team, you're going to lose" -Sly. On the other hand they have ruckle. Lightning dark and adonis are all great skaters, its just that they won't work well together and also have no real carry. Its just not gonna work.
Key to Victory: Light becomes top 3 again, Ruckle goes god mode
Offense: C
Defense: C-
Goaltending: A++
Server Flexibility: B
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Re: Official Elhar Rankings

Post by Tenkz » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:18 pm

Starting community petition to remove Poggers from the title.
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Re: Official Elhar Rankings Poggers

Post by Sleek » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:12 pm

copypasted mets grading system ✔️ terrible unreadable formatting ✔️ retarded elharion opinions ✔️

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Re: Official Elhar Rankings Poggers

Post by DerrocK » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:17 am

Elharion just abstain from doing these in the future thx
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Re: Official Elhar Rankings Poggers

Post by TinyTerran » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:22 am

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Re: Official Elhar Rankings Poggers

Post by Kaigo1 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:43 am

1. lite, 2. cerv, 3. ruckle, 4. maha, 5. vapour, 6. eric 7. bulb, 8. water, 9. zach, 10. darkangel

i make these judgements based on how well one person does when with an underdog team vs a better team

ive seen almost all these players on better teams than lite and lite still beat them pretty easily (as an example)

the only person lite might have trouble with is water on west, but he is only that good on west which affects his rating

Obviously the hybrid players (players who can play just as well on both servers) are ranked alot higher than others. This includes people like lite,cerv,maha.

this post is in response to mets/elharion's ranking - this ranking is approved by bulb,cerv so far - if you approve of this ranking, comment below saying you approve. If not, let us know what u think.

Also keep in mind that this ranking is only for people who signed up this season, and yes the last seasons ZHL outcomes helped me decide on where to place who, but mainly the rankings come from stacking my team with the worst people in the lobby in in houses and the other team with the rest (the better players) and seeing the outcomes (as most of you know, my in houses are always made this way where i put the worst on my team and the rest on the other team). So after months of this, i found that stacking lites team with the worst players in the lobby actually balanced 90% of the games, and i've tried stacking other players teams with the worst such as vapour with the worst players in the lobby and all that happens is complaining of inbalance.
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Re: Official Elhar Rankings Poggers

Post by Watermelon » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:51 pm

i love amin rankings
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