Season 14 Draft Rankings

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Season 14 Draft Rankings

Post by Perplex » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:11 am

Hi everyone, this is a post. wack draft for s14 and i will be doing an exclusive in-depth analysis on each team.
I put rankings: lmao was this a mistake? I really dont know, this season could go in any direction. GLHF lookin forward to a gr8 season

Here is the ZHL Draft Board
s14 roster.PNG

The Korhal War Pigs aka The Steel Curtain

Charging into battle, led by the gr8 NOVA(3800), this team is full of talent. With a starting lineup of Nova, Guer, Lite, and Elhar, the Warpigs will be a defensive powerhouse. This team also had some depth, with Tyrion ready to step in, and Assertive being a west sub. I would not count this team out, although Lite trolled his value down to 1.7k he is still able to score, and I expect this team to sneak a couple goals in a game. as long as this team is able to keep their defense strong I expect them to put up a fight with any team on any server.

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft: Lightning (1707)

This man can play hard, not sure how he tanked his value so low...

You Spent How MUCH?: Guerilla (2707)

Guerilla, although he is quite capable and a top tier defender, paying nearly 3k for this man, I feel is a bit much.

Offense: C
Defense: A+
Goal-tending: A
Server Flexibility: B

Predicted End Season Position: 7

The Tarsonis City Tigers aka Team bulb op

This team, built around Zachsmack, is an interesting combination. Zach, arguably one of the best all around players can play any position. Although I am not sure on how this team will turn out, I figure the gr8 umbreon and bulb will lead the offense. This is a scary duo that could burn defenses constantly. However, Umbreon might fall into the "west only" category due to the depth of this roster. Ispygecko is a very capable player that would allow zach to see more offensive opportunities.

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft:Umbreon (1050)

Although I was expecting Umbreon to fall to a more west heavy lineup, drafting him for only around 1000 was quite a steal.

You Spent How MUCH?: IDK BRO

I dont see anyone on this team that was drafted for well over their projected value. Excellent job by the ElTaco to keep his wits about him and not throw a desperation bid out there.

Offense: B+
Defense: B
Goal-tending: B+
Server Flexibility: B-

Predicted End Season Position: 3

The Kaldir Yetis aka Team 2 Goalies

Tom and Dust, that is a duo that might strike some fear into enemy teams. Dust is easily on of the top offensive skaters on both the east and central servers, along with the great tom, a very capable skater that can play all positions. However, after that there is not much. With the remaining lineup of Gandalf, Reimer, Daggius, and Sleek; I am not sure what to make of these fellas. Drafting gandalf for 1175 is an interesting choice, and I am sure that there might be some possible trades in the pipeline. However, as the team stands right now, i am a frighten.

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft: Reimer (300)

Reimer, a gr8 goalie since long long ago, has returned. I assume that tom and reimer have been in contact to make sure he will be able to attend the games. This is banking on the fact that Reimer can return to his former glory.

You Spent How MUCH?: Gandalf(1175)

Now, this is not bad face value for a veteran, tried and true goaltender. However, I feel that the Yetis would have been better off with a value skater. Unless they plan to play gandalf as a skater, which IMO is still overvalued for the position, but he has gr8 clicks and a potential to grow his abilities.

Offense: A-
Defense: B
Goal-tending: A
Server Flexibility: C

Predicted End Season Position: 8

The Redstone Reapesr aka Mets and Co.

Mets was put in a tough position for this draft, with a value of 4500. However, he must believe in the mets carry, because he went ahead and owner'd anyway. With mets leading the team offensively, and lime or blitz falling into the support role, I think they will struggle on the offensive front, however chem plays a big role, and they have a whole season to integrate blitz into the gr8 s13 winning lime/mets duo. I do see some struggles on west with this team, mostly based on the eastern side of the map. I am curious to see how the goalie situation shakes out, with fancy and halo. Halo, a veteran goalie still has skills, but will fancy fill in for half the games, or will he take on a skating role? Also, did they draft death just because they are the reapers?

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft: Lime (1453)

Lime, a S13 champ, somehow did not skyrocket his value. I feel he played very well in S13 and was a large reason for the success of the Char Meleons.

You Spent How MUCH?: KngModa (712)

KngModa, an up and coming skater, recently making a name for himself in the ZH scene. Although he has potential, I feel like his 712 price tag is a bit high. Maybe mets has something more planned for him, how am I supposed to know?

Offense: B
Defense: A
Goal-tending: B
Server Flexibility: D

Predicted End Season Position: 6

The Auir Storms aka WEST BOIS

Twoduece opting to chose watermelon and go for a west heavy team is an interesting choice. I see a lot of potential for this team with carl and cerv (both locked at 50%) being able to play on west with water. This team also was able to get Eric(50%) who will presumably sub in on east, which is able to give this team a more threatening lineup on east/central. The only problem I see with this team is that there are too many locked players, and it may be tough to plan accordingly to their schedules.

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft: Cerv (702)

I feel that cerv was undervalued during many of the mocks. He is an excellent skater that is able to score as well as support.

You Spent How MUCH?: Eric (2502)

There is not a lot that I can say TwoDeuce overspent on. However, Eric locked at 50% for 2502 is quite a lot. this translates into 5004 if he were at 100% attendance. While it might be expensive, I do feel that he completes this team quite well.

Offense: A
Defense: C
Goal-tending: A
Server Flexibility: A

Predicted End Season Position: 1

The Char Meleons aka Team Spam

Yoda, Tenkz, and Kwakster. Thats some spooky stuff right there. A WHOLE LOTTA CLICKIN! this team is an east powerhouse. If yoda is able to keep the salt away, this is a team that should be feared. The only issue with this team is that Kwak is locked at 50% attendance. I don't see any major players that will be able to step up and fill them kwakster shoes. I also see that the gr8 tinyterran is on this team. I feel that he is the big mystery of this team. Do you think that he will appreciate the east team he got drafted to? or will he decide ZHL aint worth it this season? Either way, the gr8 biz is a player that could step up and fill those east goalie needs.

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft: Tenkz (3105)

Tenkz is a very capable skater, that can score and click through most defenders. I feel that the only reason he went for such a gr8 value is because of the attitude that is attached to him.

You Spent How MUCH?: TinyT(1201)

I feel that dropping 1201 on an off-server goalie is a bit much. Although tiny is a gr8 goalie with phenomenal reflexes, he does fall into the habit of not not wanting to show up for his team... only time will tell if the gamble will pay off.

Offense: A
Defense: B+
Goal-tending: A/C depending on tinyT or Biz
Server Flexibility: C

Predicted End Season Position: 5

The Braxis Barracudas aka Team help that niqqa behind the crease
(disclaimer, I am on this team but i will try to avoid bias)

A team lead by the duo of Vap and Three two skilled veterans is somewhat spooky. Following that up with IFound also a capable skater with offensive capabilities. However the lack of depth on this roster does me a frighten. Will vap be able to show up to every game this season? if not, then what? cubs sub? ez? who knows. easily the shallowest team in the draft. This team also looks like it will not have much defense, leading to many high scoring games. If their starting lineup starts every game, there may be a hope for Braxis.

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft: IFound (2001)

Ifound, a skater capable of scoring goals and supporting the offense, going for only 1 more than the min bid of 2000, sounds like a steal to me.

You Spent How MUCH?: IDK BRO

After spending all his money on Vap and Three, there was not much left for braxis to spend.

Offense: A
Defense: C
Goal-tending: C+
Server Flexibility: D

Predicted End Season Position: 4

The Mar Sara Threat Agents aka Team east/west it don't matter

Maha opted to go for the gr8 weapon of this draft, LingKing with the first nomination of the draft. Although his team does not have many other offensive weapons, there are many other very capable skaters that will be excellent support for LingKing. With maha and sly helping out on the ice, I see a strong support/defensive rotation from these two. They also have good server flexibility with Alerteyes and peterDLai. Alert is gr8 on all servers, and peter can sub on west for sly, allowing for an explosive west team.

Gr8 Bargain of the Draft: PeterDLai (317)

This man is a gr8 player. Consistently able to find the nooks and crannies that others can't, as well as having good vision and fitting well with this team, there is not much more an owner can ask for.

You Spent How MUCH?: Sly (2002)

Now there is not much to nitpick from maha's draft, but if I had to pick one person, i would have to say Sly for 2k. Although he seems fitting for this team, going for more than lite and ifound i feel is a bit overpriced.

Defense: B+
Goal-tending: A
Server Flexibility: A

Predicted End Season Position: 2
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Re: Season 14 Draft Rankings

Post by JMoney » Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:18 am

Best analysis of the year!
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Re: Season 14 Draft Rankings

Post by Elharion » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:39 am

I don’t got lots of time ima make this quick
Tier 1: Aiur
Tier 2: Kaldir Braxis Korhal
Tier 3: Redstone Char Mar Sara
Tier 4: Tarsonis
Will expand later with a real order and some more stuff in new post
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