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EUDLS8 Punishment: Moty & Jenny

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:32 am
by BoooM
In the probe game SNK vs VOG from this Saturday (July 21st) Moty played as Jenny. She had given him her account information several days prior for the purpose of account sharing in ELO games. It appears that Moty was not authorized by her to play with her account in the eudl game in question and that she was not aware that he would do this. Still her actions facilitated his smurfing in EUDL. The league management has decided the following:

- Moty will be banned for the remainder of EUDL s8.
- Jenny will receive a 1 game ban for EUDL s8.
- The result of the probe game SNK-VOG from July, 21st will be forfeited and VOG will receive a 10-0 default win.