EU Draft League Season 9 Announcement

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EU Draft League Season 9 Announcement

Post by McDoudles » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:08 am

Hey everyone,

Since time kept passing without the next season in sight, I decided to give it a shot and become commissioner. I'll try my best to continue the good work BoooM has done last season.

Most importantly, here's the link to the Sign-ups for Season 9:

There'll be some changes to rules about how the league is running, but also how it'll be managed in a couple of ways. I already started to write most of them down and share my ideas with the other LMs. The usual google-sheet is still in construction and will be published later on. The rules may still change of course. A TLDR version of rule changes:

- Assign roles to LMs (to lower work of some people that don't feel like giving so much)
- Added an officer role, so streamers don't have to watch/enforce rules
- Banning rounds 1-4 from probe (it was 1-2 before)
- Owners assign probe captains that have to decide on the lineup of the probe team, without the owner being able to deny it.
- Combined points are gone.
- Attendence locks are gone.
- Trades are gone.
- Reschedules are reworked (I still haven't decided how, open to all kind of ideas)
- Free agent rules are reworked (The 2 owners or probe captains decide on the FA now, not the commish or LMs)
- B**walking is now punished only AFTER games and not during games. Streamers shouldn't be responsible to enforce this rule during a game, because it's hard to decide if it's actively wasting time or just a playstyle.
- Reworking the warning system, so it's more clear what offense gives what punishment.

I also created a discord server. In the past either only LMs and/or owners could join that server. This time it'll be open to anyone participating. Note that I made this server for better communication and less drama (It's sometimes hard to filter actual complaints from random banter on this server):

- A suggestion section for everyone
- An OFFICIAL complaint section, where anyone can talk about rule violations, issues etc.
- Owners chat that is only visible to owners and probe captains (not LMs)
- LM chat that's only visible to LMs

While it's absolutely okay to talk about whatever in the general chat of this server, I'll take comments in the suggestion and complaint section very serious. Please refrain from posting anything else there.

Discord link:

Currently we have 4 LMs: BoooM, SwedishDoll and Valenz, Rigensis for streaming. If you want to be LM, feel free to message me about your ideas and what you can contribute.
As mentioned above, there will be different roles. (stats, streaming, reschedules, officers, discord etc.).

As always I hope many of you sign up and volunteer to be owner or contribute in other ways in this season!
<^.^< . . . >^.^>
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