Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

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Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by wawmoose » Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:03 am

Hi Everyone! As the ZHL3 Season is coming to an end with the Finals to be played tomorrow, I thought I'd look back at the original draft board and choose who I personally think were the most valuable picks for each round, as well the picks that did not perform up to par, or even at times dragged their teams down. Keep in mind this is based solely on my opinion, and as hard as I try, I can never be completely unbiased, but I will absolutely try!

I'll be basing my choices not on how good the players are when compared head to head, but rather on the amount they contributed to their team's successes and failures, and well as things such as attendance, regular season statistics, their play-off performance so far, and other contributions. Also I will just pretend that team owners were drafted like everyone else, for my convenience.
So to be clear, my picks are not necessarily who I think are the better skaters/goalies, but rather how important they were for their team.
Also, I was out earlier tonight and am not 100% sober, so if you disagree with me, go fuck yourself. jk ofc ♥ not about the sober part though

Side note: I did this for each draft round as I think it's a reasonably fair comparison (as most players picked in a specific round should be somewhat even skill-wise), and to the team owners of Season 4, if they care enough about my opinion to consider it, this could be a reference for next season's draft! Also, I'm a little drunk and failed to 'score' with anyone tonight, so my night is not occupied :D

My thanks: Thanks to Teroh for the good work he's done as Commish! Thanks to all the casters from this season! Thanks to Darkangel for house-cleaning the forums and ZH website! Thanks to Darkangel again, and PeterDLai and all the other stat trackers! Thanks to the DEVs!!! Thanks to the community, let's enjoy more Zealot Hockey together!
Congratz to all the teams who made the finals this season! Good luck to everyone tomorrow! And I can't wait for ZHL Season 4!!! See you guys around, stay active ;)

Writing out all this took me about 3 hours on a hazy brain.

I will be using the original Draft Board, link here: ... edit#gid=0

This is what I look like right now...GLHF GG CYA IN ____ LEAGUE EZ C-C-C-C-C-C-C-CYAAAAAAA

Round 1:
Player Pool:
  • Proster, Vapour, PeterDLai, Amin, Kurt, Bulbaasaur, Maharishi, Eric

Moose's Pick: Maharishi - An all around great player and one who, unless Proster is in the same game, will have the most possession time. He uses that possession very well to create chances for his team. His play-making led him to be the leader in Assists in the regular season, with 17, while allowing his forward Droplets to score 29 goals. Maharishi is also a great defensive player who has +23 in the regular season (2nd behind htcp), 1.76 mins of possession on average (2nd behind Proster), and an average of 14.79 passes per game (5th, 3rd if players with less than 2 games are ignored). He also has 100% attendance so far, and you can 100% expect him to show up tomorrow for the finals!

Honorable Mentions, in order: Bulbaasaur, Proster, Kurt

Thumbs-Down Pick: Amin - Does this even need explaining?! Not showing up to any of your games lets me give you a BIG Thumbs-Down. Don't sign up for the draft if you're not going to attend any games. Cya noob!

Round 2:
Player Pool:
  • Art, ZachSmack, IrishLad, Cafca, RusH, Cervantez, Droplets, Kaioken

Moose's Pick: ZachSmack - Coming from a team who's top 4 players are Central, Zach performed excellent throughout the season on both the Central server, where he was a crucial part of the team's rotational play, as well as on the West server, where he took on both offensive and defensive roles depending on his team's needs in an excellent manner. Having 14 passes per game for a player most think of as a forward tells you a lot about the Flyers' rotational play, and showing up to 13/14 regular season games allowed Zach to score 21 goals while setting up another 12, putting him in the Top 8 points earners for the season. Zach has also become an integral part of his team's West Roster, as lag issues have plagued Vapour and krazy (Flyers' other starters), and he's found a leading role on West where he's commanding his team to put up a good fight every game.

Honorable Mentions, in order: RusH, Droplets, Cervantez

Thumbs-Down Pick: IrishLad - An excellent skater who put up 18 points in just 6 games in the season. Showing up to only 6 games is what put IrishLad here, as the rest of the players in the player pool all helped their teams in many more than 6 games.

Round 3:
Player Pool:
  • TownKrier, krazymen, Critt, Ranchinator, daggius, htcp, CK, Teroh

Moose's Pick: TownKrier - TownKrier's Season started off rocky, as he was drafted as a skater on the Redlings, being later traded to the Tigers, and finally ending up on the Flyers. TK found his home at New Gettysburg, as he started goal-tending every Central server game, showing amazing poise and confidence in his skill. Playing in 11 ZHL games, TK has the lowest GAA (2.407), as well as the highest save % (74.1%) of any goalie who's played more that one game in net, as well as having 2 shutouts. Easily the best goal-tender of the season, let's see if he can help the Flyers to victory in the finals tomorrow!

Honorable mentions, in order: htcp, krazymen, daggius

Thumbs-Down Pick: Teroh - Sadly for Teroh, being a good commish doesn't translate well into being a good ZHL player. Playing in only 4 ZHL games and putting in just 3 points, Teroh has had an underwhelming season and he has lost some of his reputation as a fantastic finisher. To be fair however, Teroh is busy saving lives in his job, he ain't got time for you scrubs. Love you Teroh ♥

Round 4:
Player Pool:
  • MrAlerteyes, Kholin, baLance, Whirlwind, LinGKinG, Squid, Darkangel, Perplex

Moose's Pick: LinGKinG - What a breakout season this guy has had. A world-class finisher who's clicking and presence in front of the net is to be feared. LK found some good chem with Kurt on the Freeze and was able to put in 28 goals and 42 points in the regular season (4th and 3rd in those categories, respectively). Not much else to say aside from the fact that he's goin' up the ranks, expect to see him drafted earlier next season. Also, can't go wrong having Shake It Off as your goal horn, and oh boy did we hear that a lot this season.

Honorable Mentions: Squid, MrAlerteyes

Thumbs-Down Picks: Kholin, baLance, Whirlwind After starting the season in a promising manner with a shutout, Kholin started having trouble not being Kholin and was soon-after traded to the Tigers, where he Kholin boosted out too far and was not seen for the rest of the season. As for the other two, rare attendance lands them here.

Round 5:
Player Pool:
  • stealth, Anglefire, Death, Blitzerg, gigipopper, Chancellor, Crush, Prime

Moose's Pick: Crush - A tough pick for this round as arguments could be made for a couple other players. But Crush takes the crown here for a couple reasons. The first being that he has stepped up for his team as a goalie on the Central server, and despite being a slightly West player, he has done rather well playing cross server. Playing in 9 ZHL games (mostly as goalie), and having 65.2% save average is very good when considering server advantages. Crush has also taken on the role of captaining the Mara Sara Probe League team (#HazzieNation) into the finals, where he and fellow Calgarian J(Cash)Money will try to seal the Artanis Cup tomorrow. Also, don't forget the great work this guy has put into the game as a voluntary DEV, so thank him when you see him!

Honorable Mentions: Blitzerg, stealth, Prime

Thumbs-Down Pick: None. It would be Chancellor for lack of attendance, but he just got married, so he is excused. Congratz Chancellor!! Wish you the best!

Round 6:
Player Pool:
  • mitznerol, Moose, CrazyRusski, Bruce, WallyRush, brucecampbell, Spruance, DefensivelyResponsibleOneGun

Moose's Pick: Moose(Obvious Bias) - I feel narcissistic explaining picking myself, so I'll keep it brief. I am now the starting west goalie for the Flyers, and we just made the finals. My attendance was almost at 100% even when I knew I wasn't playing, and vs the Yetis in the play-offs I left my computer on while I was on a plane to visit my parents so that Kaldir thought I was online and would host on the Central server, that's an MVP move right there. Also, I did good vs Proster that one time. Oh, and I was the lowest drafted player to make the All-Star game, where I lose 3/3 matches.

Honorable Mentions: Bruce, Spruance, OneGun

Thumbs-Down Picks: brucecampbell, mitznerol - A good skater and a good goalie, respectively, both plagued by lack of attendance.

Round 7:
Player Pool:
  • SpaceApe, timmaaayyy, BobbyO, GirlPower, NSIC, hatestabkill, Flash, Starlord

Moose's Pick: BobbyO - This guy was on a team that had no real solid starting goalie, and was hurt by bad attendance. Despite this he showed up every game ready to do whatever Shakuras needed, no matter how hard it was. Being forced to goalie in 8 ZHL, poor BobbyO got man-handled many times as his team had no defensive structure, and was left to defend his net alone. Bobby also attended 9 games for the Crusaders, where he was able to show us his good skating skills by getting 20 points and 3 Game Winning Goals. If for nothing else, Bobby deserves this tiny bit of gratification for the absolute abuse he sustained trying to goalie his team to a victory.

Honorable Mentions: GirlPower (NEVER AGAIN)

Round 8:
Player Pool:
  • Zon, ChuckNorris, Chaos, ThePriest, Gillitine, burchester, Kelvin, SneakyShadow

Moose's Pick: Zon - A lot of players in this round had attendance issues, but out of them Zon played 6 and for the Broodlings scoring 8 goals and assisting 5 more. This was, in my opinion, a very weak draft round based on, as I already mentioned, attendance issues.

Honorable Mentions: SneakyShadow

Round 9:
Player Pool:
  • fullheart, Helios, steezysteve, Three, Bananarama, Dinkleberg, KagaRoshi, Yrakcaz

Moose's Pick: Three - As the Tigers were having trouble getting a starting line-up together, Three did his best to try and help his team snatch a play-off spot, not matter how unlikely. Three played in all 14 games for the Tigers and had 15 assists in the season (3rd overall!). Three showed that he deserves to be considered a starting skater in the ZHL as he also scored 12 goals, but his efforts fell short as the Tigers were the first team to be ruled out of play-off contention.

Honorable Mentions: Yrakcaz, Dinkleberg

Round 10:
Player Pool:
  • ZachDroid, Drezzix, PhoeniX, Deception, Twista, Provyseals, Rigenis, Powindakissa

Moose's Pick: Provyseals - Having played 9 games in the ZHPL (6 more than next highest for this player pool) helps Provy seal this pick (Zing!). Provy had +8 S/T in those games, and was able to get 7 points. Good job Provy!

Round 11:
Player Pool:
  • PlutoOnFire, carlito, sixlingscout, twoWORDS, niko, JonSnow, Doorman, mereel

Moose's Pick: carlito - The One, The Only, has went from being drafted in the 11th round, to be a starting West skater for the Flyers! Just wow! carlito's rise has been due to his willingness to learn, as I see him often asking Zach or Vapour for tips to improve his skating. carlito also scored 20 goals for the Aviators (tied for 2nd in ZHPL), and has been a clutch player for the Flyers when they needed him.

Honorable Mention: PlutoOnFire

Round 12:
Player Pool:
  • steelnewf, MoFowh, SinisterSwarm, Haxxors, ProfessorX, khsora, Eldersage, Navajas

Moose's Pick: MoFowh - Another golden late pick for the Flyers, as MoFowh was the #4 goal scorer in probe league, but showing enough improvement to play in 2 ZHL games, one where he got a game winning hat-trick vs the Redlings, on the West server! He claims to be retired after this season however.

Honorable Mentions: ProfessorX, Eldersage

Round 13:
Player Pool:
  • Applesoup, adog, PQRnHack, DrPorkchop, ZotZ, DoT, MensaRaham, Dante

Moose's Pick: adog - Near perfect attendance and willingness to learn and improve lands adog here. adog started the season with one the best moments in the season, with an infamous shoot-out attempt. Since then, he has sky-rocketed in skill, and his passing is among the best in probe league. This guy's talent is making his team-mates look good by hitting them with great one-timer passes.11 Assists (#1 ZHPL) in 10 games, as well as attending more games on the bench/ as a back-up, shows us that adog is a true team player who should be watched for in the future, because as soon as he fine tunes some of his other skills, this guy will be amazing.

Honorable Mention: ZotZ (I vote for ZotZ League, Season 4)

Round 14:
Player Pool:
  • Zepherynus, kronickoffee, shababzLWJ, TheGulantor

Moose's Pick: kronickkoffee - I remember seeing him play in 2 games in ZHPL. The others didn't show. EZ WIN.

Honorable Mention: Teroh (Cuz this is the round he should've been picked)
RIP Flyers
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by krazymen » Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:19 am

i wasnt moose's pick in 3rd round? I WONDER WHO WILL BE BENCHED TOMOROW

stay ez moose!
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by ZotZ » Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:20 pm

Fun article :P ZotZ league best league :D
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by ZachSmack » Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:26 pm

Alot less biased than I expected it to be... I feel next season's owners should take notes of this post.
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by wawmoose » Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:54 pm

krazymen wrote:i wasnt moose's pick in 3rd round? I WONDER WHO WILL BE BENCHED TOMOROW

stay ez moose!
HA Joke's on you, I wanted to be benched for finals, 2muchpressure :D
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by Vapour » Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:29 pm

No love at all for ole vap thanks moosey. great confidence in ur teammate T.T
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by wawmoose » Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:14 pm

Vapour wrote:No love at all for ole vap thanks moosey. great confidence in ur teammate T.T
Unfortunately the West server has killed you this season. This is the only reason for you not being up there. Always love you bud ♥
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by ProfessorX » Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:34 pm

WOW, what an awesome write-up. This is great Moose! Well done :)

Also, I believe 'Zepherynus' is whitefang, who I enjoyed playing a few games with on Chill. I think he deserves to be the R14 Moose pick.
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by Teroh » Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:20 pm

Not even mad, wasn't even 4 full games
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Re: Season MVPs - By Draft Rounds - A piece by DancingMoose

Post by xNCrush » Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:42 pm

No championship, no awards, but I got props from Moose, so I have that going for me which is nice. ♥