TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 1)

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TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 1)

Post by TeeKay » Thu May 28, 2015 7:21 pm


Introducing the TMZ (TK Moose Zach) Entertainment Awards for season 4 ZHL and ZHPL excellence. The TMZ Awards will be presented over 3 days for 15 categories. These are not the official ZHL awards that will be listed on the site. None of which will award you skins, horns, sticks, or anything of value at all -- so stop jotting down your ID’s and put it back in your pants already. Also, while we are commending you on your achievements, this almost certainly does not stop us from BMing you in the same breath. Do not read further if you don’t want to be both applauded and BM’ed.

Moose, Zach, and I (TK) voted on each category by ranking our top five players by category and assigned points (5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, etc). We tallied a player’s points among our three votes to come up with our definitive (though still subjective) award winners. Our award winners are places 1-3, with honorable mentions to those who placed 4th/5th. If there was a tie in votes, we gave the award to whoever had the higher placed finish across our votes (ex. if Player A and B were tied but Player A had a 1st place vote and Player B only had a highest of 2nd place vote, Player A wins). Finally, the (unanimous) bubble is used to denote a player receiving 1st place votes from all three voters. And now… the award categories:

** Awards Categories will be released in three sections over three days because we like to write too much.

Day 1 - Probe and Frnds Awards: Season 5 Owner’s Draft Manual
  • Best Probe Goalie
    Best Probe Skater
    Most Underdrafted Player
    Most Improved Player
    Rookie of the Season

Best Probe Goalie
(written by TK)

1 - Marker -
Consistency is a word rarely used for anything involving the probe league. The requirements of ZHL takes players in and out of the probe lineup, people don’t show up, and there are different lineups played depending on server. However, the one constant in probe league goalie this season was Marker, who had nearly double the time tended of any other keeper while maintaining a respectable 74 save percentage. It is definitely a testament to his consistency, and getting a well-placed Moose vote saying that Marker is #1 (full disclosure, TK voted Marker #1, too).

2 - Dauntless -
Dauntless had a break-out season (84 save percentage) that earned him multiple call ups to the Redlings ZHL team this season. This was likely because their starters were so poor, partly due to “roster rotation, but mostly due to Dauntless’ skill. Daunt was traded right at the trade deadline, and will now be interesting to see what he does on Mar Sara. He may earn some call ups on east for the Threat Agent, but if not will be great to see Dauntless lead the #HazzzzzieNation on their attempt to be first repeat probe title winner.

3 - Assertive -
Free Agents do not typically win awards, and this definitely did stop Assertive from having enough time in net to have a real chance of winning it, as well. However, Assertive in his half season has put up great numbers, saving 80% of the chances on his net while posting a 2.8 GAA average. This has been said for a few seasons now, but definitely look for Assertive to be a ZHL starter on west next season. We’ll see if next season is the season that this statement comes true… and if not look for him back on this list again.

Honorable Mentions - Reimer, Kagaroshi

Best Probe Skater
(written by Moosey)

1 - kwakster -
Our top pick was a rather easy choice in kwakster. He's been so ducking great all season, and with 43 points in 12 games, he's shown how effective Watermelon's techniques can be. From being an over-looked Free Agent last season, to being picked up in the 9th round of this season's draft, kwakster has flown all the way to the top of probe league, and will make a strong claim for a ZHL position next season. Kwak on frnd.

2 - Sleek -
With an absurdly high 4.44 points per game, Sleek played 9 games this season as a skater, and he's shown how to carry probe teams to victory. His unique style of playing EVERYWHERE on the ice along with his overall, still increasing, skill level, have combined to make him a very real threat to any team he faces, whether in probe league or in ZHL. Originally a Char Mander, look for him to help his new team the Bluefins overcome an inconsistent Wildcats team in the first round of play-offs.

3 - JMoney -
With 1.61 average possession, over 30 pickups and 15 passes per game, J(Cash)Money is one of the best players in probe league at dominating possession and setting the pace of the game. Along with his probe domination, he's also played in 4 ZHL games, getting 8 points while playing a rather defensive role. You can bet your bottom dollar you'll be seeing him try to help his team in the ZHL play-offs, to cover for the lack of western Flyers, but he’ll also attempt to repeat as probe champion with the Aviators/Steamrollers.

Honorable Mentions: Shadowbladez, stealth, Dinkleberg

Most Underdrafted Player
(written by TK)

1 - ProfessorX -
A versatile player who has a rare sole objective: making the team better. ProfX wants to help the team in any way that she can, whether it be playing her natural defense position, acting as a forward, an impromptu goalie, or even not playing herself at all if she believes others would be better in a certain situation (server).

ProfX was the captain of the 2nd place Char Manders and kept the Manders posting wins (2-1 post-trade) after their entire east roster was decimated. Definitely look for ProfX to go much earlier next season, and if she doesn’t, she can still edit ZHL replays to add BM to all the owners who didn’t draft her.

2-Tie - Bluedream -
The 8th round is not typically where you look to get your ZHL starters from, but BlueDream joined the ranks of Carlito and Three as late round gems to play considerable time in ZHL. BlueDream has a polished passing game and adds solid defense to his team. His offensive game isn’t totally there yet, but when he learns to aim at the gap with his one-timer, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

2-Tie - Reimer -
In one sense, Reimer being drafted late made total sense. This guy is egotistical, over the hill, and a bad friend. Except none of those are true and they are all slanderous lies; TyGuy is a great guy. The real reason Reimer got drafted late is because in season 2 and 3 Reimer was in school & overall not available to play. In his return, he had some visible rust on his game and still was in school for the first month of the season. Still, round 8 for a previous ZHL All Star goalie is fairly absurd.

Reimer showed that once he practiced he could be an elite goalie again, saving 92% of his shots in probe league and also helping the Cudas to their 2nd ZHL victory of the season. Insider knowledge from Reimer’s owner shows that Reimer was routinely inquired about as a trade for 4th and 5th round players. Could see Reimer definitely as a 3-5th round pick next season.

4 - iLvSentries -
“The number one probe player in the league” - Blitzerg about iLvSentries. Sentries may not have the stats to back this up, but his lane blocking skills and his ability to cut the defense open from a deep lying pass (see Andre Pirlo in soccer) show a player that should have never been still on the draft board in the 11th round. Would be a starter on any probe team and will likely compete for an east ZHL starter spot next season.

Honorable Mentions - Gigipopper, Malefic, Dauntless, Eldersage, RapeKit

Most Improved Player*
* since after season 3

(written by Moosey)

1 - Eldersage -
From starting just one ZHL game for his team in season 3, Elder had a slow start to season 4 as he was a backup for Goza. On the Inquisition, Elder was the designated probe league goalie where he did well, getting 77% save average and a shutout in 6 games. But after being traded to the Flyers, he's really come into his own and he's shown great improvement with great performances in all 4 games he's played, all of which he won, including 1 shutout victory against the Renegades.

2 - kwakster -
I've already mentioned his great stats this season, and how much he's improved. Having won a ZHL Ring last season with little contribution to that team, kwakster will look to be the main force behind a Crusaders run for the Artanis Cup this season.

3 - Blitzerg -
Everyone who watched season 3 play-offs will remember the infamous Blitzwalking he did vs. the Threat Agents all series long. Who would've thought that come season 4, this guy would turn into a passing machine?!. He leads the league, and by a large margin, with 21.5 passes per game, shattering the previous league record for total passes (S2: Kaioken - 239 passes) by getting 258 passes in 12 games. With Water's advice to stay back and defend, Blitzerg has shown improvement in both positioning and puck control, freeing the other skaters on his team to go up the ice and seek odd man rushes.

Honorable Mentions: MrAlerteyes, hatestabkill, Shadowbladez

Rookie of the Season
*Free Agents from season 3 allowed

(written by Moosey)

1 - kwakster -
Coming in a clear first place, the Free Agent from season 3 that has whacked the opposition every which way all season, kwakster. Under Water's supervision and strict training regimen, kwakster has shown that hard work and practice can indeed pay off. The #1 point getter in probe, and the #2 goal scorer, kwakster's shown his ability to score so much that he makes his opponents salty...even pepper-y...he’s even roasted some like little baby ducks. Yum.

2 - Sleek -
Playing just 1 game in season 3, Sleek was little known at the start of season 4. But his silky puck control, smooth clicking, and his shiny personality have come under the spotlight this season, as he's recorded 40 points in just 9 skater games. Another competitor for a ZHL starting position in season 5.

3 - Eldersage -
Under the wisdom of his new owner Moose, Eldersage has finally gotten the chance to shine in ZHL, playing all East server games to round off an already powerful East skating line-up. With close to 80% save average, and just 1.75 GAA, Elder has been one of the sharpest goalies in recent times. Those stats make other top goalies look like chumps, keep it up bud.

Honorable mentions: Shadowbladez, BlueDream, Dinkleberg

Stay tuned tomorrow for more TMZ Awards:
  • Day 2 - Miscellaneous Awards: We Didn't Know Where Else to Put These?
    Day 3 - Positional Awards: You’re The Best at ____!
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Re: TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 1)

Post by Ranchinator » Thu May 28, 2015 8:12 pm

Great write up! I wont be in any awards. Thats for sure! Unless there is an award for FA most impacting to their team.. Then I might have a chance with Krazy and Droplets :P
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Re: TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 1)

Post by OptimusReim » Thu May 28, 2015 10:23 pm

Really awesome read. I appreciate the love <3, right back atchya. Funny intro frnds this is better than the real TMZ. I know lots of work went into it but it was worth it. Looking forward to the next one frnds
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