TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 3)

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TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 3)

Post by TeeKay » Sun May 31, 2015 1:54 am


Introducing the TMZ (TK Moose Zach) Entertainment Awards for season 4 ZHL and ZHPL excellence. The TMZ Awards will be presented over 3 days for 15 categories. These are not the official ZHL awards that will be listed on the site. None of which will award you skins, horns, sticks, or anything of value at all -- so stop jotting down your ID’s and put it back in your pants already. Also, while we are commending you on your achievements, this almost certainly does not stop us from BMing you in the same breath. Do not read further if you don’t want to be both applauded and BM’ed.

See day one for criteria (link below).

Day 1 - Probe and Frnds Awards: Season 5 Owner’s Draft Manual

Day 2 - Miscellaneous Awards: We Didn't Know Where Else to Put These?l

Day 3 - Positional Awards: You’re The Best at ____!
  • Best Goalie
    Best Defender
    Best Support
    Best Forward
    Most Valuable Player

Best ZHL Goalie
(written by Zach)

1 - Levi - *unanimous*
Let’s start off this write-up with the winner, Levi. Levi has demonstrated excellent positioning and calm when put under pressure in the net. Even though much of Levi’s success can be attributed to his steller defensive skaters, he’s still proven time and time again that he is a great goalie in his own right. With stats such as a phenomenal 84% save rate with a solid 7380 time tended in the net shows that he not only is a committed goalie, he’s also extremely consistent.

2 - TownKrier -
Now onto our runner-up TownKrier (also known as TK) has shown throughout his 4 seasons of ZHL goaltending that experience pays off big. Being on a team with offensive threats such as ZachSmack and Lingking sounds great in theory… until you realize that they don’t play defense. Char had a rocky start to the season and the defense was the main cause of that. TK unable to have fantastic stats as a result of the poor defense with only a measley 73% in net. (his lowest of all his zhl seasons) Despite his rather low save % if you asked any of the offensive threats that have had to shoot on TK I’m sure they will tell you that he’s still as quick and intelligent as ever when in the crease, although he isn’t going to get this award he has proven time and time again that experience DOES matter.

3 - Strawberry -
Finally last but not least by any means our bronze goalie himself Gozaburo. Gozaburo playing on a team that despite having a fairly talented roster is only 4th in the standings. Shakuras has been a team that many call the “church of watermelon” and with good reason, every single player on that team has had remarkable improvement under watermelon’s coaching to the point that some have even accused them of using third party programs. This in and of itself is quite a feat, however Shakuras still finished #4 in the standings which considering their talent seems pretty low. Gozaburo is a championship winning goalie in seasons past, but we haven’t really seen it as much this time around. He still has proven that he’s a competent goalie but his inability to handle breakaways (despite being one of the fastest reacting goalies in the league) has cost him taking this award. With only a 76% in net he just isn’t the same goalie he was season 2 and although he’s still proven that he deserves to be an honorable mention, he hasn’t really wowed anybody enough this season to be considered the best.

Honorable Mentions - Eldersage, TinyTerran

Best ZHL Defender
(written by Zach)

1 - Guerilla -
Ah yes Guerilla the person who in my opinion is the greatest defender of not only this season but of all time. I don’t think many people are going to be surprised by this award winner because Guerilla (or Guer) has been a fantastic defender since his skating debut in Season 2. He has demonstrated that being a goalie translates well into being a defender and shown that the skills are very similar. Guerilla is the safest player I’ve ever seen and it pays off big time since he’s constantly on his side of the ice protecting his goalie. Arguably the best player at not only blocking lanes but keeping the puck out of harm’s way Guerilla has learned about every single skater in the league and has a unique way of dealing with each of them to make them almost harmless for his goalie.

2 - Blitzerg -
Blitzerg a player that has proven the right mentality can go a long way. Almost unimportant in Season 3 (although he did start) he has since then shown a very fast ability to learn not only the game but the people that play it. Blitzerg has had an extremely impressive season with a ridiculous 258 passes and astonishing 24 S/T ratio he’s just one of the many examples that the church of water is a very powerful thing indeed.

3 - Kaioken -
Kaioken the silent, one of the strangest people I’ve ever met in terms of personality (that’s not a bad thing) and his playstyle matches that as well. Kaio is a very experienced player, he’s been playing permanent defense for as long as I can remember and he’s always been very very good at it. Kaio has proven time and time again that experience pays off big when it comes to decision making. He is able to cut off lanes and strip the puck from just about everyone, while making the safest play possible which usually involves either passing or icing the puck forward.

Honorable Mentions - Three, Htcp

Best ZHL Support
(written by TK)

1 - Zachsmack - *unanimous*
A utility player that can play any position usually is saying that a player cannot play any position that well. However, ZachSmack has shown for this season and last post-season that he can shift positions during the game and float from target forward, linking supporter, and shut down defense on a moment's notice.

This season, Zach most regularly finds himself in the support role, setting up LingKing with 13 assists and 14.4 passes per game, while showing his own firepower by adding 22 goals to earn him 5th place in points in the league. Early in the season Zach did struggle to find a balance of offense and defense (favoring offense and not caring about breakaways), but as the season progressed he settled into his support role and started to boss games from the relative background, setting LingKing up to do his thing.

2 - Kurt -
Kurt has routinely joked that he is ‘past his prime’ and no longer elite. However, we at TMZ Awards… politely disagree. Kurt is still right at the top of the list in terms of best set up passers in the game. His goal numbers have been going down season by season (which means by season 7, he might actually have negative goals, by scoring 0 goals and creating multiple own goals). However, this drop in goals scored is partly due to his willingness to play 3rd man often against the opponent's best offensive skater, including games where he played pure defense vs Water and Proster.

3 - Proster -
A true testament to how dominant Proster was this season that he is a pure forward yet he played enough time and big plays in the support role to be the 3rd best support player in the league, in our eyes. If Proster was full time support, it wouldn’t even be a question, he’d be right near the top. Proster is also apparently looking into a support position so he can boss the game time even more, thinking that if he holds the puck for exactly 100% of the game that his team can never lose. And also can never be re-watched by anyone for entertainment value.

Honorable Mention - Eric, Art (tie), Three (tie)

Best ZHL Forward
(written by Zach)

1 - Watermelon -
Whoever said experience isn’t everything clearly hasn’t seen watermelon play. The guy is uncanny when it comes to getting through a defense either by avoiding them, or just straight out clicking he can always find a gap and get it past the defenders for a great goal or assist. With an astonishing 4 PPG (Points Per Game) and 31 goals, he has proven that he’s not only good but also consistent. Water’s techniques have become the norm in ZH he pioneered the spins that we all use today, and to say he doesn’t have a few more tricks up his sleeve when it comes to getting through a defense is a blatant lie.

2 - LingKing -
Our runner-up by just a hair (Having the exact same number of votes) the leading goal-scorer of Season 4 himself LingKing. LingKing is a relative new-comer to the scence in contrast to watermelon. LingKing has only been around since season 2 and back then he wasn’t really well known. He made quite an impressive name for himself last season and this season isn’t any different. He’s still that same offensive threat that goalies fear ever having to face in a 1 on 1 situation and with 38 goals he proves why their fear is justified. Averaging a very impressive 3.71 PPG his stats speak for themselves. Few can match his ability to completely make a hole for himself in the defense. Ling is a very interesting forward in the fact he doesn’t take opportunities given to him he MAKES them with excellent clicking in front of the crease until there’s a gap wide enough to slide past the goalie for an impressive 1v8 goal.

3 - Eric -
Now for someone you might not have expected on this list. Eric isn’t a forward in the traditional sense of watermelon or LingKing but rather he has his own unique style that involves a lot of passing followed by snipe shots or ez lanes to drive in. His more opportunistic style brings something different to the table and I believe is why he’s so successful. While you may want to argue he’s not a “forward” by definition because of this fact I beg to differ, Eric may not be a cavalcade of destruction that comes rampaging through a defense, but rather he uses a lot more finesse and planning which clearly works based on his 32 goals (2nd highest in the season) and impressive 3.92 PPG. While his style may be a bit more passive, make no mistake he can score just as well as any other offensive threat you can say off the top of your head.

Honorable Mentions - Proster, Rush

Most Valuable Player
(written by TK)

1 - Proster - *unanimous*
Proster didn’t have nearly as many goals/points as some other top skaters like LingKing, Eric, and Water, but Proster was everything to his team and controlled the pace of every game he was in. 18 passes a game for a forward is phenomenal and showed trust in his teammates at every turn. To put that in perspective, Proster nearly has the passes of LingKing+Watermelon per game. Proster led the league in pickups per game and time of possession per game (by a lot). This award is the player that contributed most to his teams success, and Proster definitely fits that description to a T. Without Proster, Mar Sara gets mercied (cya teammates). With him, they took 2nd place in the league. Case closed.

2 - Ruckle -
A key cog on the #1 team in the regular season, Ruckle had a ZHL best 84% save percentage, along with 3 shutouts. Along with this, Ruckle smashed Daggius’ (1.96 GAA) all time best goals against average, posting his own record with an incredible 1.36 GAA this season. The best example of Ruckle’s consistency is that in 12 games, he only gave up more than 2 goals one time. Ruckle did not have to make saves that often, and it is true that some goalies had nearly double the shots on them as Ruckle in the same time tended, but you cannot say enough about stopping the shots that do come through, and a league best 84% save percentage backs up Ruckle’s importance.

3 - Eric -
Far and away the leader in assists, and one point off LingKing for season points leader, Eric did it all for the Flyers’ offense this season. Eric was splendid in all offensive categories well above league averages, with +19 S/T, 13.6 passes a game, 18 assists, while still scoring an impressive 31 goals. Look out for Eric this post-season, who is looking to make his mark on the playoffs after getting knocked out in the first round in season 3. He just first needs to figure out what is the easiest way to carry a live Moose while skating.

Honorable Mentions: Zachsmack, LingKing

That concludes TMZ awards for Season 4. Let us know what you thought of them please!
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Re: TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 3)

Post by ZachSmack » Sun May 31, 2015 2:01 am

I liked the first 2 days but day 3 was kind of a let-down, you should find a better third writer for next season.
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Re: TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 3)

Post by wawmoose » Sun May 31, 2015 2:06 am

I vote Zotz replacement for Zach so TMZ name can stay.
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Re: TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 3)

Post by forumusername » Sun May 31, 2015 2:10 am

really enjoyed reading all 3 days of TMZ(lol) awards. it's always fun to read posts like these, and it feels nice being recognized =)

PS water didn't play all the games this season. he missed like 3-4 +_+v (shit owner)
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Re: TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 3)

Post by ProfessorX » Sun May 31, 2015 11:51 am

Plsss make these awards every season, they are so great. The pictures are hilarious A+
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Re: TMZ Season 4 Awards (Day 3)

Post by Kaioken » Sun May 31, 2015 3:31 pm

These awards were very nice!!