Probe All-Star Match & All-Star Requirements

Do you want a ZHPL All-Star Game?

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Re: Probe All-Star Match & All-Star Requirements

Post by krazymen » Sat Jun 06, 2015 9:26 pm

ZotZ wrote:"Fuck probe all stars" sounds angry to me. but by all means lets keep acting like spoiled children who are being told to share their favorite toy xD this is something that would benefit the entirety of the community. sorry krazy not everyone aspires to be accepted as a skilled player in the eyes of a small group of elitist gamers. most people play this game to have FUN. no ones goal is to be in the probe all stars its only a way for the community to give something back to the new players who decided to dedicate to the game. SOMETHING FUN ! ( enemies of fun beware )
and if you ask me the rewards thing you are suggesting is pretty lame. i would rather have a vod i could watch and show people rather than a picture of some trophy saying i did something great that people who dont play the game would care nothing about :/ how is making a vote and casting a game or two SOOO much work? this mentality of "probe doesnt matter it shouldnt get anything special" has to go if you want to grow the community...
"fuck probe all star" is not him being angry is him thinking this idea is a bad one.

Sure the point is to have fun, but its not the only point else you wouldnt be playing in the league you'd only be playing in ih where theres no stats tracking involved and purely for entertainment. All star is not decided by a "small group of elitist gamer" its a poll voted by everyone in the community if we were a small group of elitist gamer there wouldnt even be a probe league.

Have you seen the All star game before? To me it doesnt sound like you have. Every single all star game has been either trolling (people dancing with puck for example) or a lagfest and even just not the people voted in because they were missing. Where as when you get an award people remembers it very clearly.

Htcp's most likely to start probe, Rush best defender award, daggius' best owner award etc.. i dont even remember clearly everyone who played in the last all star game and i was playing in it. If you're showing the game to someone who doesnt play i'D rather show a league game where you are actually playing for something and where you are much more into the game since you know that you're playing for something rather than a random all star game that doesnt mean anything.

The work put for a poll for awards is pretty simple you make a poll you let people vote you got the vote you're done.

For a possible all star game tho its a lot different. First, find a rule that suits everyone to find exactly who would be eligible and make sure that there is no loop hole. Then, find who would apply to the rule and make a poll to have people vote who will actually be able to play. Then find a schedule thats suits everyone that should be playing as well as the casters that will cast it. Cast the games depending on how long the serie is could last an hour of casting. You also need to figure out which servers will be played, assign captains so that they draft each teams.

I think probe matters, i think probe is actually more important that ZHL in a lot of aspects. We need probe to grow the community, probe has some really fantastic plays that you never see coming. Probe in my opinion became so much more than what we expected but i simply dont think that a probe all star is something we should be doing.
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Re: Probe All-Star Match & All-Star Requirements

Post by HALOUNSC » Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:32 pm

Just make more probe league awards so more players can be acknowledged for their skills and talents. Just 1 single probe league award compared to the many ZHL awards is kinda sad.