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Re: Playoff Schedule

Post by Alassau » Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:33 am

OptimusReim wrote:
Alassau wrote:
The top six teams at the end of the regular season will receive a “bye” in the first round of the playoffs. The #7 and #10 teams, and the #8 and #9 teams, will play each other in the first round.
After each round of the playoffs, the bracket will be “re-seeded” so that the highest placed teams play the lowest placed teams. The finals will be referred to as the “Artanis Cup Championship.”
Are those rules updated ?
I don't think that is accurate for this season.

Per division
Top team (#1 seed of the conference) gets a bye
Bottom 2 teams of the division are out
Quarter finals (last Sunday) was #2 seed vs #3 seed of each conference. #2 seed had home advantage
Now semis (this coming Sunday), the top seed of each conference will face the winner of the quarter final game (either #2 or #3 seed)
The winner of that faces the winner of the other division's semi finals.

There is no reseeding and only 6 teams made playoffs.
He's talking about probe. and yes you're correct Alassau. The phrasing could be changed to be accurate for conference style probe-offs
Ok ty guys I know how it works for the ZHL and ZHPL now