Season 9 Suggestions

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Season 9 Suggestions

Post by Sly » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:01 pm

I have a few suggestions for whoever the leadership team is next season. I’ll be interested in receiving feedback from all of you on these.

League Structure
There are several different types of league structures we could implement, but assume all of these suggestions are based on the current (season 8) structure.

• Fix ZHPL by clearly defining what it is. I’ve stated this elsewhere, but to repeat:
  • o ZHPL should either be a secondary, lower-skilled league for active players who don’t quite meet the top-tier skill requirement of a ZHL team, OR it should be a full-on developmental league focused heavily on player improvement and teaching.
    o If ZHPL becomes a secondary, lower-skilled league, then the teams and players should have no connection whatsoever to ZHL. It should be the same as running two leagues simultaneously, where the only difference is the average skill level of the players. Should this step be taken, ZHL may want to increase its roster size to 6 or 7 to accommodate inactivity.
    o If ZHPL becomes a developmental league focused on player improvement, the ZHL and ZHPL should become more tightly connected than they are now, with a number of changes, such as: integrating ZHL players in coaching roles for ZHPL teams, having top ZHLers host group classes/clinics for players irrespective of which team they are on, not having a ZHPL post-season, rotating ZHL-quality players in with ZHPL-tier players in games, selecting ZHL managers who will commit to weekly practices for or with ZHPL players, and many others.
    o Another option is to scrap the ZHPL entirely, have more ZHL teams, and also host an 'elo' or 'pub' league of some sort that allows ZHPL (and below) level players to play in structured games. This would also enable the lower-skilled players to participate with ZHLers, as they should also be invited to play in the other league. There wouldn't be set teams, but teams could be randomized among any 8 players who gather and agree to play a game.
• Give players the option to select their precise game number attendance. For example, rather than selecting 80% attendance, give players the option to select anywhere from 0 to 13 games attendance. Players should be unable to play more than their number of games in a season. Additionally, players who select a *significantly* higher number than they actually showed up for should be penalized by a suspension the following season.
• Have 12 ZHL teams. Despite some attendance issues, I think there are enough skilled players to field 12 competent teams. I understand the argument that “2 or 3 teams were dead this season!”, but that is because there are teams with a lot of depth, not because there is a lack of moderately skilled players. Additionally, I don’t buy the argument that because X team(s) are/were bad, then something is wrong with the number of teams or the general level of skill. There will always be bad teams; there are in real sports, too. I believe that the reality is that this community will only decline/decrease in size by lowering the number of competitive teams. New/bad players, if they're capable of getting better, will only improve by playing with ZHL-level players. Therefore, the only way to expand the competitive playerbase is to allow or enable lower-skilled players to compete with better players.
• With 12 teams, divide the teams evenly into three conferences: East, Central, and West. Select owners for those teams who are from the respective team’s location. Home games *must* be played on the respective team’s server. In this scenario, even east players who are drafted by a West team will still play the majority of their games on a server that they are proficient on. I think this will encourage west players to be more active, improving the overall quality of the league.
  • o This will leave a huge question as to how many games are played, how many games are played within each conference, and which team gets home/away if some teams do not play each other twice. I get all that, and there are a number of simple solutions that I won’t drone on into here.
• If we aren’t adopting the $ly $ystem, reconsider who is a captain, and reconsider what the minimum skill level should be for a captain. I think season 8 wasn’t too bad, but I believe the teams are more likely to be balanced if the captains are closer in skill than they were.
• Reinstate trades. It may already be the case, but give the commissioner complete authority over approving trades (so long as it isn’t his team), with a 2/3 veto option for LMs.
• The FA draft should be entirely dependent on the standings of the ZHL teams, not the ZHPL teams (which I have already covered). Allow Free Agent draftees to participate in the playoffs.
• There should be no Emergency Free Agents allowed for ZHL teams, under any circumstances. If a team cannot field at least 3 players, the team forfeits the game.
  • o Alternatively, completely scrap the FA draft. If we are hosting a league with a fewer number of games, this would be desirable.
Decision-Making Processes
• Add a semi-permanent or ‘rolling’ council of 7 to 9 mature, active, and unbiased players to serve as LMs.
  • o This will serve as a replacement for the current LM selection system.
    o By semi-permanent, I mean that there is no arbitrary reason to remove a player from being an LM after one season if he has served capably and is committed to serve capably the following season.
    o By ‘rolling’, I mean that it may be desirable to rotate a group of 12 to 15 total eligible LMs with only 7 to 9 serving at one time.
    o These players should be skilled, intelligent, and mature players who have demonstrated a leadership capability. Players should be free to nominate others for the council, and those players who are agreed upon should be entered into the eligible LM pool.
    o This pool would then select the Commissioner from a list of players who have self-nominated and stated their case to the LMs regarding why they should be selected, what changes they would be in favor of, etc. The Commissioner should be unanimously approved by the LMs.
• In pre-season: shift power from the Commissioner in favor of the LMs. From what I understand, the commissioner has too much decision-making ability during the pre-season. The big issues (that are decided during this time) need to be primarily decided by the LMs, who—should the aforementioned system be adopted—would already be in place.
  • o Big decisions such as how many teams, conferences/scheduling, ownerships, etc. should be decided by LMs, not by one person.
    o The commissioner may submit proposals, but the Commissioner only counts as one vote
    o A simple majority of votes should warrant the adoption of any proposals during this period of time.
• During the season: shift power from the LMs in favor of the Commissioner. As someone with experience as a Commissioner, I am well aware that it is much easier to make snap decisions during the season without any back and forth. The Commissioner should be someone (whom the LMs selected) not partisan and trustworthy enough to make the vast majority of decisions on a unilateral basis. There is not a need for LMs to vote on every dispute.
  • o Should the need arise (from conflict or otherwise), the LMs may overrule the Commissioner’s mid-season decision via a 2/3 majority vote.
    o The rules should already be set up such that the Commissioner is mostly just enforcing them, so there should be no need to vote on most of his actions.
• Prioritize ownership selection by maturity, activity, and skill. This is already done to some degree, but should be altered to ensure that owners are of a similar level of skill, activity, and maturity (preferably a higher level of skill).
• Owners should have proven records of leadership and communication abilities.
• Owners should be committed to being available to play the vast majority of the team’s games.
• Owners should be players who recognize the value of activity in drafting a team

The Draft
• Related to the previous section, owners should not be too far apart in where they are required to draft themselves; having fifth-round owners with first-round owners may be necessary, but it is not desirable.
• Several mock drafts should be created by the LMs in deciding the owner draft order to ensure fairness.
• Consider having LMs place owners into tiers, which are used to group owners by skill level; then randomize the draft order within each tier to avoid personal bias (e.g.: Vapour/Water/Ling all fall into the highest tier and will be randomly selected for 1 of the first 3 picks).

In-Game Rule Changes
• In general, lay out all rules specifically, in detail, with specific penalties for not obeying them.
• In general, the penalty structure for minor infractions could go as follows:
  • o First Offense: Warning
    o Second Offense: Single Game Suspension
    o Third Offense: Two Game Suspension
    o Fourth Offense: Five Game Suspension
    o Fifth Offense: Ten Game Suspension (carried into the following season)
• The penalty structure for intentional, malicious infractions (such as throwing games, smurfing, cheating, etc.) should be an automatic full-season ban on the first offense. A second offense should result in a permanent ban from ZHL play.
• If themusic does not implement a mid-ice clock rule (like halfcourt in basketball), enforce delay of game infractions seriously.
  • o Delay of game should include intentionally not advancing the puck with limited/no pressure on the team with possession, but should not include ‘icing’ the puck toward the opposing team’s defensive half.
• If a team accidentally has a position-locked player outside of that position, they should immediately pause or call for a hold. The teams should work together to set up a faceoff on the erring team’s side of the ice. However, if this happens more than once in a game to the same team, the opposing team should not be expected to hold or relinquish the puck, particularly during play.
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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by sidtkid » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:12 pm

+1 except for some inputs.

1) Finding unbiased LMs are hard unless they don't play during the season.
2) Ownership should not be selected by skill no matter how good a player is.
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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by MrAlerteyes » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:04 pm


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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by Bulbasaaur » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:34 pm

8 teams pls and also i like that game attendance thing so i stop getting overdrafted
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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by Blitz » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:30 pm

Make a mandatory option of who you would like to "elect" as our S9 commissioner on the S9 signup sheet. The issue of not having an elected commissioner has always been a problem to me, and I think that it is only fair that the community has a say in who they want to have making the changes that they agree with during the season. Some people are against trades for example, while others are for it. Obviously Tom stuck with the NO trades idea which I find awful, and if I knew this was the case I would have never "theoretically voted" for him (I wasn't in the special skype group of people who 'elected' Tom). Not having trades is one of the largest detriments to ZHL since FA League. However the main point being that the community NEEDS to elect its commissioner.

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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by stealthmeh » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:55 pm ... =817549908

This is the structure I would use if I was commish. I think 12 teams is too risky with how many forfeits and reschedules were needed this season and how few goalies seem to stick around season to season. Once goalie problems are fixed with patches over a season or so we could then consider expanding if activity returns.
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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by carlito » Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:12 am

Make me commish don't worry bans won't be over exaggerated.
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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by NoVa » Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:51 am

I really think stealth's format is a good starting point to make ZHL great again.
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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by MrAlerteyes » Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:27 am

Stealth's is great... If it wasn't for 8 teams. Why you gotta push away any new players that want to play probe league... with that format 8 probes show up to the first couple probe games, don't get to play, then quit showing up because why would they show up to not play? 10-12 teams is ideal.

EDIT: After looking into it a bit more, it sounds like you want to split leagues. Might not be good for players that want to get zhl a try a couple times, but also want to play probe for the other times.
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Re: Season 9 Suggestions

Post by iFound » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:22 am

The penalty structure for intentional, malicious infractions (such as throwing games, smurfing, cheating, etc.) should be an automatic full-season ban on the first offense. A second offense should result in a permanent ban from ZHL play.
Seems to me if we allowed smurfs then you could have more players in zhl and zhpl. Problem solved, everyone make a smurf! Very rude to want to ban the players that fill the rosters.
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