End of the Chapter.

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Re: End of the Chapter.

Post by Tenkz » Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:03 pm

Vapour wrote: Regarding the DOS'D Case,
Tenkz who loves off mets and hates nova/ling for whatever reason,
krazy/marker who originally was only suppose to be an outside "expert" opinion, seemed to be given a little too much opinion/influence to the management decisions of the case once it was figured out where they stood (they were even given votes to the original ruling!!!).

Wasn't going to post in this thread since I'm kind of impartial and don't really care enough to be for or against you, but I found a namedrop.

"Tenkz who loves off mets" is pretty ridiculous, but I guess it makes sense xD. When Mets started playing I watched several replays and was convinced he used AC (doesn't matter, not current discussion). I changed my mind and stopped caring about it. When the AC claims were brought up this season I fully supported them - because why not? Fuck the Warpigs: fuck Mets, fuck Blitzerg, fuck Dustdevil, fuck TK. Even carlito's a special brand of retard but I only really dislike him for blatant cheating for the past few seasons. But you're right. I didn't make an alternate forum account, create an abundance of gifs "indicating obvious AC/macro usage" and push to get them punished - like someone did back in Season 7 LMAO. So I guess you're right. I truly didn't hate them if I didn't go to that extent.

"hates nova/ling"
This one's a little harder to dispute but understand my opinion was fully neutral, as it was regarding Blitzerg's season. Whether Aiur made it to the finals or not, the Flyers were predestined to win (in my book) so whoever won the series between Aiur and Korhal really didn't matter to me. Aiur played us 4v3 two games out of the five, and those were 2/3 of their wins. We were missing our 2nd rounder (and 9th overall - in the "dynamic duo" slot, not some trash 2nd rounder), but this couldn't be helped. From my understanding we'd be playing the series on Sunday like a regular series and I had expected to make it to the semis. Three quitting was unbeknownst to me and I had received no word for it. As such, there was no reschedule request - despite me knowing Sir said he would likely not be able to make most Sunday games.
I hate those two players, yes, but I had no qualms with Aiur as a whole and am overall 4-3 versus that team between regular season and playoffs.

"krazy/marker"..."given a little too much opinion/influence to the management decisions"
Okay your point here is pretty solid. Two people with 0 gain in whatever decision is made, sacrificing their time in order to help the rather clueless (regarding the situation) league management, spewing nothing but what they wholeheartedly believe to be true. Who in their right mind would trust such a neutral perspective.

God fuckin bless dude you're hopelessly delusional. Claiming bias in the face of multiple neutral third parties is plainly absurd. I don't blame you for your decision to take absence after spurting such unfounded nonsense. I'd quit too.

Vapour wrote:How you competitively managed with blitz/swift to become commish? Honestly? When I was asking you to be my LM.
It was balant, you were gunning to be commish, and once again, didn't care who was in your way.
Wonder why I feel this way.
LOL. I'm sorry but if you're actually on the same poll as Cubs regarding commissioner I think you're automatically unfit to serve the role. (Not to mention you got BTFO by Water in the community poll maha posted)