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General information

Post by Wildfire » Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:58 am

Hey guys wanted to make sure you all had all the cool info you need about zealot hockey!


Zealot Hockey (general channel)

ZHL Office (league information)

ELO League

Teamspeak 3 Server
We are currently using teamspeak as voice chat. The server is mainly a Star Battle server, but hosts many other games along with it including hockey. You can find the hockey guys in "the Ice Rink" Channel

Server info
NA Server:
  • Address:
    Password: solofarmer
For more information about the server, and server updates you can check out the post here

EU Server:
  • Address:
    channel: zh // password: hue

Youtube Channel
You can check out our Official Youtube channels:
NA Zealot Hockey managed by ProfessorX
EU Zealot Hockey managed by Rigensis
You can find videos of zealot hockey in-house games and more!

Twitter Account
Please follow us @zealothockey for info about zealot hockey!

Twitch Channel
Make sure to follow both official channels for exciting live streams on regular basis.