The Ozy Post

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The Ozy Post

Post by OzyWho » Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:26 pm

Welcome to my retirement post.
ZH retirement has become a meme at this point. Even me myself said I will retire something like a year ago.
I think the circumstances are different this time because it's undeniable that I just don't fit in this community for the way I am.
The amount of Ozy haters grows each time I say anything. And me knowing that I'm the problem and there is nothing I can do about it - I promise I will make a conscious effort making this retirement be permanent.
I play around one and a half years and during that short time - I already did take a ZH break 2-3 times for a couple of months because I couldn't stand the hate.
No doubt many will be happy that I will be gone. And I will be too. For the only things that come to my mind that I would still enjoy in ZH are playing with IsKeK and having the chance to talk to MoS. There are many members that I have to avoid, I don't enjoy them or them me. I can never say anything without getting bmed or hate directed towards me. The negatives of staying here around far outweigh the positives. By a lot.
There is just simply nothing for me here anymore.
This post is not for you, but for me to make it easier for me to move on.

I will list some players and the first thing that comes to my mind, hopefully, that will reduce the amount of left behind unspoken things, after which I think I will give 3 parting gifts, maybe find a youtube song as my goodbye song and lastly say some final words that come to my mind.

Junky, Rignesis, Gust
You guys are not welcome here. Junky for being an arse 24/7, Rig and Gust for being the final triggers. I hope you can respect my wish.

In the only EUDL season that I played, IsKeK and Eiki were the only good things in that season. IsKeK pretty much being one of the only ones I would still want to play with.

Logik is friend. And still #1 EU in my book.

Crazy things. I think I might actually miss that guy. :D

I respect this man a lot. I hope he knows that.

The best at not keeping promises.

Best detective EU for sure!

The respectable member of the community, and the smartest one in my book. At least the only one that was capable of helping me break down my problems to a level where I could identify the root of the problem. Also, I felt like I know nothing about ZH each time I talked about ZH with MoS.

YeuYeu, LittleDicky
Heroes of the community behind the scenes. Probably nobody has taught so many newbies in pubs as much as them. Though, I'm not sure about Dicky. But Dicky was the one I was always happy when he disagrees with me on something, because each of those times - he would have a point of view that I didn't even consider, changing how I view things completely. Dicky also best trash poster EU. YeuYeu I respect intellectually, but his posts are god damn hard to read! :D

This man makes a conscious effort keeping and open mind and treating everyone with respect. I admire that.

Goalies favorite enemy while also being responsible for the most goalie retirements. Back when I made that excel drafting system where players would rate how much they like each other and teams would be drafted to achieve the highest, balanced, satisfaction level - Shusuke would have a chance being #1 there.

McD is McD's worst enemy. My friendship with McD ended by me getting McD'ed.

As I said earlier - Eiki and IsKeK were the only bright sides in the only season that I participated. Eiki was such a nice guy. But I heard several times now, not only from me, that Eiki isn't such a nice guy as he used to be. I hope that will change back.

I know you asked me several times why I removed you from my friends list, even though I swear I told already. So here it is: If you and your friend are on the same draft team, he gets traded and you ignore his messages from before the trade happens to days after it - you should expect a consequences of your actions or the lack of it.

Best goalie EU

Forever best probe goalie EU

Only goalie EU I would bother asking opinions about goaltending matters. I respect Sunny, but god fucking damn is that a girls name or what? After all this time I still want to call Sunny a "her" or "she". What man in his right mind would call himself Sunshine? Had to get that out of my system.
Things ended with me and sunny in an awful way. If I remember correct - I even wasted 1 or 2 hours from Sunny by talking utter bullshit, as it turned out. Not too happy about that.

The only reason I haven't added Luffy as a friend is because I don't want to accidentally snipe him when he joins a pub. LOL
I would always feel comfortable to talk to Luffy in private about anything. I'm sure we could resolve any issue that would arrive between us. I like to goalie for him in privates. It almost feels strange that I never added him.

I can only assume that we are enemies.

Such a nice guy. And one of the best snipes possible!

I'm addicted to bming pere. I could never stop it. I wonder how he sees me :D

Now to my 3 parting gifts:
First, I think this is a fun one, but just a bit useless.
You can add any picture of any SC2 object in your arcade or map Reviews with <img path="Assets\Textures\"/>. The you can get in the cutscene editor from mapeditor, select the model in the bottom left panel and press shift + D, a window will appear and there you are able to check the "materials" folder in which is the file name. There can be multiple names - each of them is a different picture.
Example: <img path="Assets\Textures\"/>, but that same image I could make bigger, and in different color, and align with text better: <img path="Assets\Textures\" width="100" height="100" color="ff00ff" alignment="absolutemiddle"/>
There is also text formatting possible in Reviews. Most of these work:
I haven't tested much but I can tell that, for example, <s val="EditorOverlay">EditorOverlay Font text</s> works while <f val="EditorOverlay">EditorOverlay Font text</f> doesn't.

Second, if you want to analyze or watch a SC2 replay without the game chat, then you can delete the game chat from the replay file by opening the replay file with MPQEditor and deleting a file called replay.message.EVENTS. You can also take control in the replay, make a message, and replace that file within the original replay:

Third, I am not sure about this and I'm guessing. Because it's something about computer language stuff and idk anything about such stuff so I couldn't even figure out how to try it.
Blizzard has official libraries for reading replay files: Python library to decode StarCraft II replay protocols.
I think you could list from a SC2 replay file all actions done, in text instead of graph. Maybe someone did 20 clicks in a row with precisely 15 miliseconds between them? That would be proof of AC. Or maybe muscle memory is so strong that players always have same clicking patterns, making this at least consider worthy test if 2 players are the same. This guy too made a SC2 replay decoder with the help of Blizzards SC2 replay decoder.... Yeah i don't understand it either.

Aaanyway. As promised, I found a song on youtube that shall be my goodbye song:
Weird choice of song given my position, I admit. :lol:

My final words.
I never tried to hurt anyone. It was never my intention triggering or upsetting people, at least I think so. Yet every time I say anything, I am met with hospitality. Maybe there are more good people than assholes in this community, but just as in the real world - the assholes stand out while the good ones choose to remain silent or ignorant.
I just don't see me enjoying my time, that I spend here, any longer. It's especially upsetting when I upset someone that I respect and they choose to point it out publically too. I'm just glad that there are still some that I respect and I haven't made them my enemies yet.
So, bye all. I hate the most of you :)
I promise I'm not Tomek, even though these final words even remind me of him. :lol:
But we were from the same community after all. :|
[+] Bye
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Rationalize emotional response in the present experience.
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by LoOgiK » Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:45 pm

cu DH i will miss you <3 :(
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by DUCKHUNTER » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:10 pm

LoOgiK wrote:cu DH i will miss you <3 :(
Thanks retard
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by Shusuke » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:16 pm

You're fun till the last post!
GL and HF Ozy
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by DerrocK » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:43 pm

Defending cheaters and hoping that they'd prove themselves against the league management didn't really help in my efforts of trying to like you. Not to mention the "poor poor (banned person) u shouldn't be banned... the LMs are evil" attitude u took afterwards.

I'm only an asshole to people being assholes to me.
OzyWho wrote:Pere I'm addicted to bming pere. I could never stop it. I wonder how he sees me :D
Change 2 words there, I guess this is how you see me? I never took you as an "enemy" but like I said I didn't like your attitude recently but before that I thought we were friends. I guess that "poem" you wrote me wasn't created for fun but real hate?
Think about that.
And also think about if I was an asshole to you or not. Was I? Or maybe you should erase your personal feelings about me and review every interaction we had together with a cool head (not sure if u can do that because u do seem like a very sentimental person as most humans are).

Anyways, I'll miss u, wish u the best and also hope you come back, when/if u do, I hope u look at things from a different angle
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by TheMagetOne » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:57 pm

ik it oze,thanks for these words.Gonna miss u.
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by LittleDicky » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:02 pm

I've always percieved you as the shy type that tends to overanalyze, no problem for me. I am pretty confident most of those players you feel wronged by, don't take it even 20% as emotionaly as you. I noticed that people tend to get a bit too offensive towards you recently, simply for the sake of disagreeing with your opinion. I don't get what's the deal, feels like some people need to get the Snake back so they can vent on someone who deserves that.

I am pretty sure you will cool down over time and come back again. I hope.

I've heard YeuYeu started his reply. It should be finished by tomorrow evening.
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by Elharion » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:18 pm

Ozy what about me?
Also shoulda told us to listen while reading ur last words so we could cry.
Never the less, goodbye Ozy. We will always miss your walls of text in forums. I hope you come back to our community in the future and can find enjoyment. My strategy for dealing with bm is just ignoring it. The amount of times kwakster and goza have bm'd me in twitch or on forums is uncountable, but remember, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words are simply the most basic element of language capable of portraying meaning in isolation and therefore cannot directly produce the 4000 Newtons of force per square centimeter required to break bones.
You were an unforgettable part of the zealot hockey community, and I don't see how anybody could possibly hate you. I am not going to say that I always agreed with what you had to say, but having a funny, nice, and humble member of the zealot hockey community is something unusual, and for that reason you are going to be in our hearts forever.
Some people believe that you die twice: when you actually die, and when you're forgotten. I cannot convince you to stay, but I can make sure you are never forgotten. I am donating a portion of my signature (huge honor, I only get 255 characters) to your name. I am speaking for the entire zealot hockey community in saying that we will all miss you!
VNV Nation wrote: I know it's hard to tell, how mixed up you feel. Each time you get hurt, I don't want you to change. The feeling sometimes, wishing you were someone else, feeling as though, you never belong. This feeling is not sadness, this feeling is not joy, I truly understand, please don't cry now. Please don't go. I want you to stay. I'm begging you please, please don't leave here. I don't want you to hate (the bmers), for all the hurt that you feel. The world is full of bmers, don't let them change you.
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by LoOgiK » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:14 pm

ozy is frent
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Re: The Ozy Post

Post by McDoudles » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:52 pm

Look Ozy, I've been nice to you from the very beginning. You seemed like a promising pub player at first, playing goalie, but also being defensively responsible as a field player which is a rare trait as a new player. So I tried to help you out, giving you advices and even try to convince you to join our clan.

However now you act like an aspie fucking retard. "Weehee everyone is mean to me whenever I say something." Yes of course they are. You comment on every little thing you come across. Whether it's someone playing bad in a game or being salty for whatever reason. You critize players, league managers and even behavior of other people.
Oh and while you do that, you can't stand the resonance of all these "haters" you talked about? I bet most of these community members just act in response to you and not because of random hate of the so evil zh community to the poor little ozy.

Of course criticism can be dealt with better by most people (I fully include myself to that), but that's rarely the case. Not in this community, other communities and IRL. You should probably know that by now.

Whatever, get a fucking spine and then come back. Atleast then you can defend your opinions without crying around and retiring. Hey, maybe you will even play in one of those draft leagues and join a clan.
<^.^< . . . >^.^>
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