The Official Crush Dev FAQ

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The Official Crush Dev FAQ

Post by xNCrush » Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:15 pm

I get asked a lot of questions. A lot of these questions are the same. Therefore I'm creating this thread that I can link to people when they ask one of said questions. I will add to it as I'm reminded of the questions I forget. I'm not remembering many of them right now because I'm tired, but rest assured this list will get long, fast.

Can I get a skin/horn/dance?
No. We've cut this off so we can actually work on the game instead of spending hundreds of hours on these things.

Why so much lag?
Pace and custom physics. Zealot hockey is a super high-paced game that requires a lot of calculations 16 times per game second, and every piece of movement is dictated by triggers (also 16 times per game second), NOT by the unit's mechanics as is usually the case in most Starcraft II games. These combine to create a ton of interwebs traffic that even the smallest network instability or slightly potato computer can create a bottleneck that results in lag.

Oval rink?
Not unless we can figure a way to make Zealot Hockey work without custom physics. (see above) Imagine having to tell a puck exactly where to be 16 times per second as it's wrapping around the curve of the boards. Now imagine trying to compute this position using megablocks and a TI-83 calculator.

Can we just get regular observer slots back?
If you want admin observers, no. A regular observer is completely invisible to the trigger system and therefore cannot have any impact on the game. To resolve the issue of setting things in league games, I could make the -s and -p commands voteable.

How long until my outstanding request is fulfilled?
Reputed was supposed to spend a week finishing everything before he went back to school, but didn't. I'm trying to harass as much as possible. It could be in a week. It could be longer. I'm sorry, I'm really trying to get it done for you. I don't know how to do skins, and I don't have the time to learn while I'm trying to work on goalie mechanics pre-Season 2.

What goalie mechanics are you changing?
In order, we'll be testing:
- Having two dash abilities: the existing full Z that has always been, and a C dash that is shorter and doesn't steal pucks
- Smaller shield, shorter cooldown
- Poke check
These will be tweaked, discarded, modified, and whatever else as needed. Based on the results of testing, we'll see what sticks.

Why are you so good looking?
I can't help it, really.