Biased look at S5 draft

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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by Marker » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:44 pm

handsumSnail wrote:NAs be like


I believe you mean



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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by BacKFisCh » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:43 am

handsumSnail wrote:
Fisch left a comment he has to work most sundays and will only make couple of games. Maybe couple doesnt mean 2 for him, and he meant "a few", but either way I would argue at this point in draft even getting notoriously unreliable Strymx was safer option, which is saying a lot. He is okay with probe role tho, but i somehow doubt other probies will be okay with that :lol:
I lol'd, 5/7
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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by Cubs » Fri Jan 20, 2017 3:53 pm

Where are last teams felon

im the kid thatd jump a kid like you
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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by TheMagetOne » Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:45 am

Cubs wrote:Where are last teams felon
He got scared of getting banned for bm,cuz he already got some warnings ))0
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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by DerrocK » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:51 am

Fam where r the othwr teams
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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by handsumSnail » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:10 pm

Okay guys I was afraid i was one warning away from ban so I stopped with these reviews, but luckily a fellow LM was just teaching me how to be a decent human, so biased look is back in its full glory, censored free with drama inducing side affects! Next up, - MagetONE.

A few words on owner / personal opinion

Pls stop drinking so much man, think of the children. :lol: :shock: :o


R1: Malduras 75%

Being in many privs with Maget and Maldu 3 days leading up to draft, I would be lying if i said I understood anything about this pick. I don't know if they were just mind-gaming people or what exactly happened there, but when Maldu was announced I was under the impression Maget was trolling him/us hard. Ive not seen any skirmishes between them afterwards, so that's good. Anyways, I have great respect for Mal, and this is biased look, so for teams with owner-strikers he is a very fine choice, the only questionable part remains if it was wise to give him 3rd seed overall, because (just as one example) Loogik could've been denied BoooM...

R2: Corsinus 90%

Similar mistake to Lexaya in attendance note, so let's just assume by "weekends" he meant that's when he's available for play, and not the other way around. Either way, a lot of people say Corsinus is among EUs finest goalies. I would argue they might think otherwise if he played more than few games per month, and they had more chances to analyze his play. I do agree his reactions are very strong, but I think he lacks consistency, reliable attendance, and that language barrier might also play a role. In my version of the mock draft where I have last pick, he was gonna be my choice for round3, so it's not like I think he will crash and burn in Main League, I'm just saying R2 was probably not the smartest move considering all the factors surrounding this friendly, friendly man.

R3: TubbyGold 50%

Second guy from Lannister probies to make Main, so yeah, I take pride in this, however - it's just a horrible move. Why? Tubby works most Sundays, and he made it very clear. In two seasons he made 8 games total, but he is the kind of guy who will take a day off for playoffs, so kudos to him. Looking at the bright side, I think the reasoning here is very clear, Maget wanted someone that would not threaten him when he ultimately decides he's gonna play Main (whoever saw that coming?? Kappa), but is still good enough to provide value when he shows up. For example, he could've gotten Mos with 50%, but then he is risking bench. What he doesn't realize is that he could still get Tubby in the next round, and provide his team with a very strong support. I see at least 3 names with high attendance available prior to his pick, but then again, I have no idea how many people he pissed off on EU so maybe it was just to avoid drama in his own ranks. I guess we'll never know... (or if you can't read between the lines: pls tell us! :P)

R4: isKEK 90%

Another guy that didn't read the description for what 'Attendance issues' mean. He made only 4 games in probe last season, but 3 in Main, and he won playoffs. As a supporter with high attendance, this kinda makes sense, although I would personally still get someone like Kurt, or maybe even DuckHunter who is used to feeding (due to our favorite doggo), which is exactly what Maget wants when he's on field, amirite guys?! Considering the mistakes already made, I'd say this is as best as he could do at that point. Which is not saying much...

R5: MagetONE 90%

I've seen him carry games vs 3x 1st rounders, but pointing it out to LMs would make me look biased so his R5 was more than expected, and put him in a really good position, of which he didn't really take advantage of. Don't let this fool you tho, he will Main this season, and will probably raise a lot of eyebrows in the process.

MAIN impression

Obvious candidate for last place in many peoples mind. Personally, I feel they won't do as bad as people expect, mainly cuz of how underrated Maget actually is. Sure, his playstyle is annoying, but if team works for him, he will deliver. With better picks rounds-wise, I would almost call this team scary, just based on the fact how overlooked they would be. But as is, they really are not. So, if they can't produce results early on, assuming Maldu loses motivation and he misses a few games, things are looking bleak for them. Even looking farther at their draft, its obvious that without Mal they are missing any form of defensive responsibility and mercy rules could happen. On the other hand, the most glorious upsets will probably come from this team as well. So yeah, I expect them to be fun to watch if nothing else.

R6: Alecto 75%

You will read more on him in overview of my own team.

R7: Yellowkids 75%

I don't know him personally, but I've checked and he is R7 in NA Probe, so I don't really understand what's going on, considering only Lingking and Vapour were drafted at that point (won't count Kurt and Elder cuz they're practically fulltime EU :mrgreen: )... Hats off for attendance prediction, let's see if he keeps his word...

R8: Lavrans 75%

You will read more on him in overview of my own team.

R9: OPnugget 75%

I like this guy, he's a pretty solid goalie, and he does decent on field too. If this was a goalie draft, it's a good choice. If not, there were a lot stronger fielders out there still, at least in my mind. I could go and check results from week1, but I've skipped watching Magets games intentionally so I can make fool of myself while writing this. :mrgreen:

R10: htcp 75%

Tom made 4 games both season, but with an important note that in S4 all those games were for Main. He's also R2 in ZHL, so once again I have to go back to Yellowkids and just ask myself WTF. Anyways, a really strong late pick, and him being eligible for playoffs should not be a problem based on previous experience.

R11: Klendaju 75%

One of the guys returning to EUDL, having skipped last season. He made 5/12 when he signed up, but he's also open for goalie position so that will provide some extra value for sure. I'm not sure how active he is anymore, I do see him in pubs but not that often. Maget getting another strong NA was probably a bit wiser, but I don't have any issues with this draft, it's solid.

R12: Agara 75%

Someone I've had awkward experiences with, so I'll just say it is true that he (only?) plays support as he indicated, that I am not surprised he locked field, and that it will be fun to see what happens if he's bench.

R13: Kwakster 50%

Had couple of fun games with him lately, I'd say he's a really strong clicker considering NA delay, and that he doesn't necessarily need to play in offense as he asked. Few rounds higher would've made more sense, but oh well....

R14: Davidpameten 75%

He will miss out every other Sunday. He got the honor of being the last pick Season5, so when he gets OP I hope he doesn't forget to put it in his signature :mrgreen:

PROBE impression

It's gonna be kinda spoiler-alerty, but I think this Probe would've done really, really well if they got a strong goalie. Even without one who's already proven himself, they're still in a good spot, because I expect either Tubby or Kekster to rotate in every other week, which makes them very strong. If they suffer attendance issues, Maget can goalie which is even worse. The only problem I foresee is when playoffs occur, so let's hope Nugget or Klendaju feel safe enough to go over their expected attendance.

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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by Shusuke » Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:27 pm

Lion did you regret your statement???
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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by handsumSnail » Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:41 pm

So I get the pleasure of writing about my last seasons team, or at least better part of it, yaaay? Here goes nothing - Tyrion.

A few words on owner / personal opinion

I couldn't have cared less about ZH when Doll whispered me to sign up. I did it, basically planning to do what neX told he would do this season, but then Tyrion drafted me and I ended up on a team with Kurt, Crescendo, YeuYeu and other extremely lovely people, which ignited that long lost #passion. Mets took the honor of me being the lowest-round Probe Captain ever, but that doesn't mean I still don't appreciate the trust Tyrion put in me. If only he wasn't an annoying little dwarf, we could've been BFFs!


R1: Tyrion 90%

It's Tyrion.

R2: Ted 90%

With two goalies already drafted in second round, it was almost obvious Tyrion would not risk losing Ted, which can be OP depending on how much weed he's on on any given Sunday. My issue with Ted is not skill-related, it's just how stubborn he can be. S4 semifinals he refused to use shield, and even casters made the call it would get rekt as soon as snipers like the great Sanji or even generalxl realized what's going on. Sure enough, his trademark move was abused promptly, even though he saved a lot of stuff he shouldn't, so I guess that makes it okay? Feel free to discuss. Adding to that, he had shaky attendance in S4, but some owners don't mind their players are all about playoffs, so no point in me saying otherwise. Anyways, considering the pick Tyrion made 5 minutes later, I don't think he has any regrets, to be honest.

R3: Vapour 50%

Ahhh, the sleeping beauty. Ppl on NA call him GOAT and I can see why. I don't have any issues with this draft because I value Vapour very highly myself, but I am gonna say Mos was open, with the same attendance expectancy. Vap also helped me personally, by giving very wise advices such as "git gud kid" or opting in while I'm already opted in to prove a point. I'm just kidding fam you know I love you, I'm just butthurt for all the times we had to write #THXVAP :lol:


R4: SwedishDoll 90%

And the dwarf learned his lesson, smh!!! He's notorious for not doing any mock drafts and just looking at people left, then drafting based on strength. It kinda hurt him S4 cuz he didnt get a single defender up until R6, and YeuYeu had to learn a role he never played in his life from scratch. So him going with Doll this season is not suprising for me at all. Based on their performance vs my team on week1 (which was very reminiscent of last game he/they/we[????] played vs Martel.Slide), I would say it's already paying off.

R5: Unforgiven 50%

Amazing player, no doubt. Made 4 games in 2 seasons tho, and is the only person alive to ever make 0 games whilst being drafted in first 4 rounds (was even first captain lul). I also know he doesn't enjoy playing defender anymore at all, so this is a really weird one in my book. I guess it can pay off in playoffs, but I don't see how that would be fair to Doll tbh, which WILL make more than enough games to lock herself out even from Probe playoffs. Furthermore, with Vap in rotation, I really feel Tyrion needed a solid backup, and I don't agree with the risk he took. Even drafting Strymx for LULZ would make more sense tbh.

The Great Kurt

Bae. One of the best to ever play the game. Only maximum attendance NA in S4. The most obvious example of excellence in humanity as a race. He can show Bosnia on the map. The biggest issue you can take up with him is the fact he doesn't like lamb. Sarma or baklava are not just weird words for him. The most amazing team mate you can ever have, even if he's just sitting in skype doing nothing, talking beers. Hall of Fame awardee with 2 games per week at max. Most cordial Allstar you will ever play with. Timezone victim, yet stunningly reliable. Delay-myth destroyer. By far the best caster to ever grace ZH. Spectacularly subtle motivator. Fellow developer. Texan.

I'll never forget that reaction on TS when we won semifinals in overtime, thank you fam bam for being such a great friend, I really hope we meet face to face one day.

MAIN impression

This team will have attendance issues, and normally I would say that's a problem, but with Kurt in rotation... I will get angry PMs for saying this, but I swear to God my team would win that game if Vapour was online. It was like watching Crescendo-Kurt "double Ds system" all over again, just magnificent performance. Too bad it came at my expense tho, but I was still glad to see my bae do so well. Anyways, qualifying shouldn't be an issue, but Tyrion traditionally chokes in playoffs, so it's hard to make predictions. Furthermore, this is like the third season in row where Ted, Vap and Tyr end up on same team, and they ultimately never win, so let's see if they can prove all the haters wrong.


^ Let's make it happen, eh? :P :lol: :mrgreen:

R7: Default 75%

What a catch! I was planning to say how this is a horrible decision and that I would be shocked if KDE didn't take offense for getting a Probe League draft, which would lead to him skipping this season, but he already prove me wrong so get rekt nerds. If he gets Kurt as defender, this team is amazing already, I don't even wanna do the rest of the overview. On top of that, having KDE in rotation basically nullifies any damage Ted can do in regular season. Some people will claim otherwise, but I say KDE is OP for Probe.

R8: Resteral 75%

You could argue he was overdrafted just so Tyrion denies me from getting him, but that wouldn't be fair. Resteral made almost all games last season, even when he was just bench he was extremely supportive and great guy to be around. He scored that overtime winner I referenced earlier on, and I still think my biggest mistake was not trusting him even more come playoffs. He can be kinda demotivated during regular season, but when I say I was gonna goalie for another season if i could get him, it should speak volumes. (i really didnt want to goalie on new patch, trust me! :mrgreen: )

R9: MLG / Jorge 90%

Overlooked. One of the rare 90% guys left in the player pool, now turned Probe captain. GL buddy, u got big shoes to fill :P :mrgreen:

R10: Cubs 75%

With 7 games in two seasons, I think it's still a very solid pick for such a late round. One thing I noticed S4 is that he has awful delay, probably more than most NAs, but I could be wrong here. I was also under the impression he would goalie, but with KDE around, I don't see it happening. Either way, if he's as half as valuable as Resteral was last season, it's good stuff for Tyrion.

R11: Anon 75%

Twitch chat said he was underdrafted when he landed on R11, and i tend to agree. However if last season was any indicator, his attitude could be somewhat problematic. For example, I've literally had situations where he's in 2v2s during league games, and i lost faith very early on. I know he probably sensed it and stopped trying, so i don't know if it's fair to say he doesn't care for ZH anymore and just wants to have fun when he feels like it. I said it anyways, in hopes it comes back to haunt me. :P

R12: Levi 50%

And yet another goalie for this team. Considering Kurt can fill any position, I'm not sure if Tyrion should've gotten someone like Carlito or kwakster instead. He's more knowledgeable than most EUs so maybe I'm just talking out of my ass....

R13: CrazyGleb 90%

Sadly, the only team where Gleb can fit in and do well, so I'm kinda sad Tyrion made the right call on this one LUL! I know for a fact Kurt is already molding him into a decent human being, which could spell trouble, because the only reason why Gleb was drafted so late was his attitude. And this team can fix that in what, few weeks?

PROBE impression

Vapour will make or break this team. Our only 2 losses last season came when him and Ted forced people out of the team to fill for Main, and it's pretty clear that scenario is likely to happen again (even more-so i suppose?). I don't expect Unforgiven to show up at all, but if he did it would put them as first favorites to win the whole thing, regardless if its him or Doll in lower tiers. However, I did put Kurt as mainer for a very good reason, so if I'm right, they go from safe solid legit to shockingly weak due to uncertainty surrounding their NA attendance, EU attitudes, and the fact their Probe team basically starts only at R7. Furthermore, they're kinda missing some juice in front, but Gleb could suprise people, if handled right. I will leave this here, just for the record:


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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by handsumSnail » Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:53 pm

Shusuke wrote:Lion did you regret your statement???
dw fam, just one more team left then its week1 analysis. stay tuned :mrgreen:
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Re: Biased look at S5 draft

Post by handsumSnail » Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:04 pm

So, last team, that in fact drafted first - handsumSnail.

A few words on owner / personal opinion

Well not really a personal opinion, just a statement. I thought long and hard how much I should say, and decided that some middle of the road option was probably best. So don't expect full disclosure, and don't be suprised if at certain points its just looking like I'm doing motivational stuff :P


R1: Slide 90%

Slide was leader of one of the finest clans on EU. Then he added Snake to the rooster. Three weeks later, people were discussing leaving en masse. My biggest regret is not coming to him and discussing it before it was too late, but I joined so late I assumed it wouldn't carry any weight. Hell, even informing Snake to try and talk with people, who knows, it might've worked. So, one day Slide logged in to find out two clans formed out of all of his former team mates, and it's been going downhill ever since, so to speak. Don't get me wrong, Slide is a fucking beast. But he needs some #passion back, to start destroying scrubs in EUDL. Let's see if we can get him there.

R2: Junky 75%

In my heart, Junky and Asgarr were the best defenders on EU for such a long period, that this was the best R2 pick overall aside from maybe BoooM or Coftea, which is crazy, cuz i got him as last seed. Even looking past R2, I don't see a stronger player left in the pool except 50% Mos, but feel free to correct me. Fuel his fire, I dare you. Yes, he kinda retired for a while but 75% and activity elsewhere indicated El motherfucking Rey is back, and I was extremely confident going forward. Sadly I was not paying attention to twitch chat, where he was offering advices. I've asked Slide day earlier to help me out, but he had to AFK that afternoon, so I kinda missed out on some guidance. Live and learn kids!

R3: Sunshine 90%

Guy that won 3/4 tournaments he ever played in. I would be so bold to say I got more value than all these R2-goalie-picking-owners, including Tyrion. He was my first choice, and I had to employ special tactics to get him. Won't disclose any more details than that. :mrgreen: I'm just so happy he ended up in our team, cuz aside from his mad skillz he's also a great person to be around, which we will kinda need to get where people expect us to be.

R4: Felix 50%

Prior to draft, I've spoken to Felix multiple times, asking what would happen attendance-wise if it was me drafting him, and not some random guy he doesn't even know (for all NAs reading: we've been clanmates for years). Sure enough, he explained exactly why he put 50% even though he can make more, and this is the first time I had regrets being LM turned owner, because it put me in position where I should probably inform others of my findings. I've decided against it, and rolled the dice to see if others will approach him and get the same feedback. Judging by someone as good as Felix in R4, apparently they've not. In conclusion, can I get Felix over 50%? Yes, easily, btch im fabulous :mrgreen: Can I get him to train? Not really, but I'm trying my best. Did I felon here? I dunno man, I'm just fishing for replies at this point. :lol:

Oblig: (when TBKH came up on some hard times, he joined our bitter rivals TRTH and renamed to Anakin... then i renamed to ObiWan, sniped every lobby i could spamming dat link, did a funny post on forum and soon enough half of EU had SW nicknames. good times... :mrgreen: )

MAIN impression

Another team that might, but probably won't suffer from attendance issues. I've already made steps to ensure Felix comes even when he >knows< he won't be able to (details are juicy af but I'm not going there sry), so my biggest wildcard at this point is Junky, which I would hardly call a problem, because that guy will want to prove exactly what inspires confidence in me the most when looking at this team - form is temporary, class is eternal. I don't expect anything crazy in regular season, but come playoffs, well, you might as well give us the rings right now. :mrgreen: :P :lol:

R5: bLame 75%

So looking at what Tyrion did 2 seasons straight with his R5, I wanted to do exactly the opposite. I was confident in inspiring attendance in Main enough to risk here a bit. My goal was to make a shortlist of players that have the potential to be this seasons Crescendos, Tomeks and Tenchirions. That meant I wasn't going for someone who is already "really strong", rather "good enough" but with a very high potential, which meant a relative newcomer to ZH and/or someone playing his first season of EUDL, and finally, someone who would also have high attendance or could be talked into it. I've narrowed it down to three names - bLame, Alecto and Lavrans. I'm probably the only guy on EU to put such high faith in these players, at least based on where other two names landed, so I will either be a fool by the end of the season or a full blown prophet! I have no regrets. :mrgreen:

R6: Lazor 90%

This dude was 2nd only to Crescendo in performance last season, and he wasn't even on a very strong team. He made all of the Hall of Fame categories, yet somehow was overlooked up until last R6 pick. Crazy, if you ask me. He can play every position, got experience as goalie in Main even, and is very active when he wants to be, which is exactly what I needed after taking a leap of faith in previous round. Finally, when i asked my bae if I'm making a mistake with trio fantasticus up there, he just said "dude, next crescendo is lazor", so yeah, it worked out for me.

R7: handsumSnail 90%

I would just like to point out I had season average of 82%, but this stupid system where u can goalie 1 game with high % kinda rekt my Hall of Fame appearance. And I tried so hard, life really isn't fair!!! :mrgreen: Now I'm skater, which is sadly good news for enemy teams. :lol:

R8: Ozy 75%

I needed a goalie bad since I was last pick here, and amazingly Ozy was still available. I feel bad he didn't sign up last season, but then again if he did, I wouldn't be getting him this late. He's very active, pretty amazing for Probe, and his description will be somewhat short cuz I was asked not to write what was basically gonna be my whole overview :mrgreen: :lol:

R9: Ilan 75%

LUL! I've had several convos with Ilan, because it's very clear people stayed away from him not due to skill but attitude issues, and he convinced me there would be no problems, even played defense/goalie in pubs. Was impressed how far along he came, and didn't hesitate a bit when draft happened. Fastforward a bit, as long as he gets some Coca Cola in his system he's very calm, but I would be lying if I said it was smooth sailing up until this point. On the other hand, kid is hands down imbalanced for Probe level, and has been practicing 6h every day, so as long as we can learn to live with each other, good things are coming our way. Oh yeah, having watched VOD of draft on twitch, I saw Junky screaming "LUFFY, LUFFY" in chat, so at least I didn't fuck up there. :mrgreen:

R10: Moose 50%

With Kurt, Resteral denied from me, I've had my eyes set on Moose, cuz he left an attendance note he's moving to Egypt, meaning EU ping. Since I'm ignorant of whats going on NA, I felt like he was the safest bet for me. I even PMed the guy, and he was kind enough to assure me. So far it's not paying off, but the season is long, and he said he would fix his ms soon. Dat egyptian internet eh??

R11: Eiki 50%

LUL! That awkward moment when you're not even top4 skater in your team cuz of how much this great man improved in under 2 weeks. I won't write anything else, I'll just leave this here, so you know what twitch chat will be chanting in about 10 weeks:


FML I got nerdchills again. So much love bro, ask valenz how hard I tried to trade for you even last season. Great things, I keep telling you people! :mrgreen:

R12: benibomb 50%

Dude that is #1 in goals S4, now in R12. Makes sense right? He's been kinda AFK from ZH but we're getting there, contact has been established and based on limited skype exposure he looks like a cool guy. Really strong for R12, and he's opening up so many options for me, pure #value right there.

R13: HogansHero 75%

Another sad story, cuz I think he was pretty upset with this draft, and rightly so. Right now, he outright refuses to join our skype group, which puts him in bad spot coordination wise (when practice happens, and other stuff). Additionally, I'm almost sure he would make games regularly on other teams, instead of being a rotation player, so I dunno if he would ever be happy with his status with us, but imma try.

PROBE impression

We either win it all or implode by week 5. No inbetweens. These guys practice for 6h at least every day, I just have to say that again, because it's pretty impressive level of commitment coming out of a Probe team. I hope we can remember to have fun with all of this tryharding going on, which probably sounds trivial to most people, but considering how long the season is, I am of the opinion it's actually not. So yeah, I'm very uncertain of the future, but hopeful. Not really willing to share any more than that. :mrgreen:

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