EUDL Weekly Recaps

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EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by handsumSnail » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:17 pm

Week 1

Valenz did a video gais!!!!!!!

Game 1: Snail vs Tyrion

With Vapour missing, Tyrions team put Kurt on the field and went for a very conservative approach, and it worked out for them, pulling off 1-0 victory despite being underdogs vs full Snail lineup. It was a very entertaining game, Ted snatched up the MVP with 24 saves/0 allowed, compared to 9 shots total that his team made. A bit shaky performances out of both Slide and Tyrion (or at least, certainly not the level of output we're used to see from them), but wonderful stuff coming from Doll and Kurt. Junky and Felix rotated every period without major impact, however for the red team Junky did look as the most solid skater on field, finishing the game with 72pts and 20 passes. Double Ds system proved too stronk for rusty goalscorers on the opposing side, and it was a perfect fit considering the fact at start of the season most offenses struggle, so I would go as far as saying it would've been a 4-3 or 3-4 game had Vapour woken up in time.

Game 2: Tyrion vs Maget

So by game2, Vap was still sleeping, and Tyrion had to face Maget who had both Tubby and Kekster online. I think I've read that the decision to play Tubby was not Magets, and that it was Kek that decided to play Probe, but pls don't quote me on that one, its just twitch chat gossip. Either way somewhat weird choice, considering Tubby and Maget should usually get in each others way, instead of actually working together. Additionally, with Kek around, I feel Maldu is more safe to go forward, but maybe that's just me. Anyways, game was as expected very tied, both teams ended the game at 12 shots each, with Tyrions fast snipe setting the difference. Doll had another amazing performance, and was tied for MVP with Corsinus. Tubby also did really well, with most passes in the game total, basically proving I'm just way too fixated on him in striker role, whereas obviously he can do both.

Game 3: Maget vs Tomek

I feel like this was one of the most important games these teams will play in the first part of the season. With everyone available, Magets team took the lead, but didnt change their playstyle at all and were soon punished, ending the game in Tomeks favor. Tenchi took the MVP with 2 goals, lots of passes and a very good performance. Both goalies were very solid, with around 80% and 14-9 in shots for Tomeks team. For red team Maldu looked as the strongest player on ice, even putting one goal in and setting the pace up for his team. They did however lose out in possession, which is strange when you account for their playstyle.

Game 4: Tits vs Vogin

With Masu and himself on bench, Vogin opted for yet another Double Ds lineup trusting Folero, and it was a bloody good call. The biggest upset so far, blue team was just dominant and shut down everything that was thrown at them. Furthermore, they've ended the game on 16-17 shots even though people kept talking about their defense, so hats off to Sanji, that's how you do it when someone calls you out boys. Axl got MVP with 94%, you could confuse Crescendo with a wall, and Sanji put 3 in when it mattered the most. For Tits, Mos struggled quite a bit, similarly to Slide, and this is one of those games he will want to forget sooner rather than later. Our favorite Lobster stepped in with Kamito missing, with Riggy online, so feel free to discuss that call. Overall amazing game. I got a lot of angry emails when I wrote about Vogins team, and I took out the paragraph where i emphasized "tactics galore", thinking people would misunderstand what I tried to say when claiming this team will never get mercy ruled, so I'm very glad they won as underdogs exactly through superior defense.

Game 5: Tits vs Coftea

And holy shit if you liked game4, this one was just a treat. Tied in shots at 18-18, Lobstr got a lot of love but true hero in my heart was Valenz, pls go and check out that insane save seconds before timer runs out. Game went to shootouts, and the lady luck favored Tits, but it was an amazing performance on both sides imo. Dalton got the MVP through 3 assists, playing a different role without Mos around. I'd love if someone would give insight if Mos refused to play or he simply had to go. I'm also very glad Fisch description in biased look was spot on, and that he confirmed they indeed have amazing depth even with all the rustiness amidst their ranks. For blue team owner carried hard, and Lime did Snake-ish type of game with huge possesion. Not saying it's bad, just making a mental note for myself. :mrgreen:

Game 6: Loogik vs Coftea

Suprisingly one-sided encounter, with Loogiks team showing what they're capable of very early on. BoooM got the MVP, even scored a goal, same as every other skater on that team, which is amazing news for them, because if Week 1 showed anything it's that so early in the season just feeding your carry is not the wisest way to go around doing things. 13-8 in shots doesn't tell the whole story. Blue team I feel switched up things a bit, with Dickey now in more of a support role. Valenz was once again rock solid ending the match with most pts for his side.



Really important and hard fought wins for Tyrion, but I'd just like to remind ppl Sanji started S4 in exactly the same manner yet struggled until mid-season, so let's wait and see what happens when The Great Kurt is not on the field, and strikers remember how to score again. Not trying to take anything away from them, just saying it's a completely different team with Vapour around, and it's too soon to pass judgement on their abilities. On the other hand, Snail lucked out he plays only one game first week, cuz his team needs to polish a lot of stuff, same as Tits, who shockingly looked better without Mos than with him on ice. Coftea had a hard time, but I dont think they need to panic just yet, they were on par with Tits (for whats thats worth), and only lost convincingly to Loogik, the only team I would say made a strong statement in the opening week. Furthermore, as I've already said, Tomek and Maget played a very important match, and Tomeks triumph should boost his troops morale for the upcoming week. For Maget, losing both to weakened Tyrion and a team they are supposed to be on-par with, is bad news, because hard schedule is coming their way. I'll leave you with Rigs notes, basically a TLDR version:

1) ted`s 2x 100%
2) overall high of quality games
3) ted and axl mvp stars
4) game of day - tit vs cft
5) vapour scoring only 1 in probe game

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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by MoS » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:59 pm

Awesome read! Keep it up, really thorough and enjoyable
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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by LoOgiK » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:03 pm

Good job !
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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by Kurt_58 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:04 pm

Snail Blog is best blog :mrgreen:
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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by Dalton » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:16 pm

Great read, really enjoy your posts. Your pre-season analysis of me had me cracking up =).

Ill share thoughts on my team's games.

Game 4: Tits vs Vogin:
First off vogin's team played really well and i'm not trying to take anything away from them at all, they have great players.
I kind of disagree with the analysis on a few points though.
I would not say they were dominant at all, if i don't miss open goal in the first minute that game progresses very differently.
Axl was insane. Me and tits missed a ton of great chances, so even though creating those chances it means we did a shitty job.

After being behind 0-1(by something that should honestly not be allowed to go in) for an extended period of time we go balls to the wall and they do a great job of punishing us for it.

Game vs coftea:
To answer your question, it was known beforehand mos would only be able to play the first game. By picking multiple players of great quality that will surely be missing games angry made sure that if it aleast one of them shows up, we still have 4 main league level players in the main league game. We'll see how that works out but it's not a bad idea imo.

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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by AngryTits » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:21 pm

Interesting analysis, well done. But I want to point out that it was me who made our team lose vs Vogin's team, failing to score on empty net 2 times clearly had a huge impact (also Sanji was op as always). MoS did fine in that game.
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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by DerrocK » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:13 pm

defensive teams are the cancer of ZH just like they are a cancer for every sport out there
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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by SwedishDoll » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:22 pm

DerrocK wrote:defensive teams are the cancer of ZH just like they are a cancer for every sport out there
On behalf on both me and Junky I will say that we are OFFENDED! :x
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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by DerrocK » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:48 pm

DerrocK wrote:defensive teams are the cancer of ZH just like they are a cancer for every sport out there
holy shit calm down wtf man

as a former defender i'm offended
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Re: EUDL Weekly Recaps

Post by LittleDicky » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:47 pm

This is fabulous summary of a week. I think NAs haven't done it this way with videos wow. We are the trend setters now WP
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