Prediction games WINNER and top10!

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Prediction games WINNER and top10!

Post by Crescendo » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:54 pm

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who took part in this prediction game!
We hope that all of you enjoyed it and that it brought some extra excitement to watching the league and following the games! :D

Now the regular season is concluded and thus points for all matchweeks and for the season predictions are added together.

Only the last prediction remains: who will win the playoffs series? a correct prediction for that (which was made before the season) will award you a full 10 points! Enough to overtake several places in the results table!

With that in mind I will display the top 10 best predicters of the season below. Full leaderboards, prediction points boards and results week by week can be found in the docs: ... sp=sharing

1. Booom 156 points
2. Logik 147 points
3. isKEK 143 points
4. Solid 142 points
5. Slide 141 points
6. Sunny 139 points
7. Junky 139 points
8. Rigensis 116 points
9. Shusuke 109 points
10. Crescendo 79 points

Since BoooM and Logik predicted the same playoffs winner and BoooM is more than 10 points above all other than Logik I am proud to present:

Best Predicter of EUDL s5 is: BoooM


An updated top10 will be posted after points has been awarded for predicting the correct playoffs winner.

I hope that this was an enjoyable experience for everyone that joined the prediction game, if you guys have any feedback we would be happy to hear it in the comments below!

If enough people want us to continue doing this then we might do this in future seasons as well :D

//Cresc & Logik
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