BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

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BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by BoooM » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:22 pm

Logik’s Team

As far as I have noticed, there is a wide-spread consensus that it was just a matter of time until Lavrans finally gets to show his skills in main league. He is certainly a solid pick and even the late R2/ early R3 pick seems fitting. Logik himself is an absolute monster and a frightening striker. The 3rd field main player is one of NA's top players - Tenkz, who has shown that he is easily main level material on EU despite his ping handicap. Sunshine just won another EUDL season, so logik’s team will not have any goalie issues to say the least.
Mechanically, the lineup looks scary. Logik picked strong players without a doubt but it remains to be seen if he managed to pick a team. Lavrans will most likely be forced into a heavily defensive role, which he has had to fill in probe league previously due to his versatility. However, I’d say he is normally more of an offensive support, which means that he would need to change his playstyle in order to fit in optimally into this team. It is also questionable how well Logik and Tenkz would harmonize on offense, since I do not think that they have had much experience playing together. The team has some depth to help out if a main league player is missing. IsKek is a viable option. So is generalxl, but his attendance lock means that his team cannot rely on his support for the playoffs.

The probe team should be able to net some points. With Elharion and Snail, there are two decent goalie options. Despite having two players with <50% expected attendance, this team should be able to field an acceptable probe lineup constantly. However, they are hardly contestants for winning the probe playoffs.

Tyrion’s Team

Tyrion is strong… very strong… absurdly strong… He alone can make any team competitive. A while ago the same could have been said about Sharp (R2 pick). However, he comes back after a multi-season EUDL break. During this time the meta and the skill level have shifted considerably, putting a huge question mark if Sharp deserves such an early pick. Maget is a decent pick for a goalie, but arguably Tyrion could have gone for another field player pick in R3 or maybe even for a different goalie, since there is certainly room for discussion if Maget is indeed a top two goalie. R4 reveals Tyrion’s masochistic inclinations. Being on a team with Snake generally requires nerves made of steel rope. Additionally, it is questionable if his skill is still high enough for main league given that he has not played much at all during his whooping two seasons ban. With Swedish, Lex and Boukan, Tyrion has a solid roster of players to fall back on if any of his main team players are missing, so he should be able to remain able to get points during every main season game. The team’s playoffs performance will depend pretty much on Sharp’s ability to catch up with the current level of play. If Snake is not able to perform his position can be filled by many, but if Sharp fails to live up to the trust put in him, the team will not be able to achieve much in the playoffs.

With Rigi, Swedish, Lex and Boukan the probe team has 4 highly reliable players. MLG and Audric will only strengthen it if/when they show up. Overall, the probe team should be able to perform at an at least acceptable level.

Axl’s Team

I doubt anyone is surprised that MoS was the first pick this season. He just won a EUDL title and has been playing at the very top in EU for a long time now. His versatility also means that he works extremely well on any team. Shusuke is always a good offensive option, but paired with MoS he becomes even scarier. Axl himself is a consistent top goalie and has often enough been able to carry games by himself. Anakin as a R4 pick is enviable. He has not played much lately, but he has a long history of performing strong in EUDL after barely playing inbetween seasons. Additionally, axl was able to get Vapour in R5, who is a main level player as well (as long as he wakes up on time for the games). This team is bound to easily get to the playoffs and is a strong contender for winning the title.

The probe team looks strong with several reliable and strong players. Masu, Alecto and tRa form a strong backbone for a probe team while Gavrilius is a real value pick for R11 (and even earlier for that matter).

Slide’s Team

It seems like Slide likes a challenge. Apparently, he enjoyed the thrill of worrying about qualifying for the playoffs last season, so he decided to assemble a triple-striker team once again. Additionally, he picked an attendance locked goalie and followed it up by picking 2 more attendance locked goalies… Staying true to the strategy of “offense is the best defense”, he picked 2 more strikers early on – Lowell and Vulcan – bringing his total number of strikers to 5 by R7. Mechanically, this team is at the very top, but I do have my doubts about the success of a purely offensive team. At the very least, the viewers will be entertained to see tons of goals on both sides when they play. However, I do have my doubts about their ability to win this season (or even qualify) for the playoffs.

With 4 attendance locked players, I fear that the probe team will have trouble getting enough players on a regular basis. The fact that the main team would need to use 2 different goalies for the main playoffs and that their 3rd goalie is also attendance locked, the probe team is a prime candidate for having to play 3v4 in the probe playoffs.

Gust’s Team

Lime R1 is hardly surprising. He is very versatile and mechanically superior to most other players. Strymx is an incredible support and can help out defensively as well. Gust is easily a top goalie. R1-R3 look great on paper. Knacki R4 is a big gamble. He has been showing great performances lately and getting a striker after getting 2 players that are mostly support, while being able to defend, is strategically a sound decision. However, Knacki has never had a main league spot before and it is questionable if he will be able to perform there or if his nerves will fail him. Picking an up-and-coming striker as your last field player for main has yielded great results in the past (e.g. logik and locas winning EUDL seasons), but it has also failed often enough. It remains to be seen if Knacki’s pick will yield a breakthrough performance or will end up being an experiment that will be forgotten by next season.
The team has incredible depth and versatility further down the rounds. Destro, InLife and Deadpool are all players that can hold their own in main league and will allow the team to be able to fight for points in main no matter the attendance of their early round players.

The probe team looks solid on paper, but with 3 attendance locked players and having overall 4 NAs, it is likely that they will struggle to field a full lineup every week.

McDoudles’ Team

McDoudles does not care about viewership. Picking 3 defensively minded players (which is an understatement to be honest) in the first 3 rounds is bound to result in a whole lot of games with low scores on both sides. To be fair, by the time his R3 pick came, there were only risky offensive options, so he chose the safest possible player. It remains to be seen how well this team (if at all) will be able to score. Lazor is a real value pick for R4 and could have easily been picked as a R3 goalie. Defensively, this team looks great, but the offensive power of this team highly questionable to say the least, especially since the later round picks are mostly defensively minded as well with the first real striker coming only in R9. Qualifying for the playoffs should be doable, but winning will be an uphill battle.

The probe team is extremely solid. Val, Klen and KagaRoshi offer 3 options for probe team goalies, which is a real luxury. Additionally, the team has both good defensive and offensive options for probe. On top of that, there is not a single attendance locked player on the team. All of this should result in a way above average probe performance, which will both benefit the main team fighting for a playoffs’ spot and allow the probe team an easy bracket for their playoffs. It would not be surprising if this probe team wins the playoffs.

Eiki’s Team

Just like McD, Eiki dared to draft a defender in R1. However, he was able to get a really strong striker in R2. Getting Corsinus, who proved his skill in the latest SwedishOpen redline tournament, in R3 is yet another great pick. Overall, all main players are strong on paper, but just like Logik’s team, it remains to be seen if they can actually play well together. At least for the regular season, the team will also have the luxury of having a very deep lineup of countless late round picks that can help out in main if anyone is missing. However, their chances in the main playoffs will mostly depend on their ability to form a harmonizing main team.

The probe team is absurd. They have so many great players that it is pointless to list them all. No attendance lock is just the cherry on top. This team is the top contender to win the probe playoffs.

Angrytits’ Team

Angry assembled a full OPMM lineup for EUDL once again. High attendance and no drama are guaranteed on this team. Additionally, the players themselves are really strong and the team is well-rounded with both offensive and defensive capabilities. Getting Jenny as a goalie is great and it is surprising that Jenny was picked this late. Overall, this team should have no issues reaching the playoffs and has a decent chance at winning them.

The probe team is just as well-rounded as the main team giving them a good shot at both supporting the main team with points as well as giving them a good shot at winning the probe playoffs. Having 3 attendance locked players may cause some issues during the regular season, though.

Main League predictions:

Group A
Angrytits – top attendance + a strong probe team will be enough for getting first place
Axl – the main team is plain absurd
McDoudles – full defense should be able to trump full offense + probe team point contribution
Slide – it did not work out last time, I doubt it will work out this time

Group B
Eiki – everyone’s motivation on the main team is through the roof and they have the skill to back it up + the probe team will be churning out points
Tyrion – Tyrion + TUPL power should be enough
Logik – I am afraid that the chemistry will be missing
Gust – same as above, but they do not have logik

Probe League predictions:

Group A
McDoudles – simply stronger than the others
Angrytits – well-rounded team
Axl – The team is not as deep as the others
Slide – 3 attendance locked goalies…

Group B
Eiki – They will dominate
Gust – They should do well enough when they actually get 4 players for probe games
Tyrion – They have depth problems in probe (and that’s without assuming that they will need a player to fill in for Snake’s pick)
Logik – simply no offensive power when general is not there

Playoffs predictions:

Eiki’s team will most likely win. They have no weaknesses on any position and no attendance problems.

McDoudles – it will be an uphill battle, but that’s more fun to win anyway.
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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by MoS » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:00 am

Excellent read, on point obervations.

Quality post.
There is something you may not have taken into account yet; trades. With some teams stacked in def, some stacked in offense, there might be a way for the different teams to even things out if trades actually become something on the European Server, and I expect this season, with experienced owners and due to the NA influence, to be a breakthrough in this domain. A few rearrangement in between probe teams might also just change things up.
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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by Slide » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:26 am

BoooM wrote:Shusuke is always a good offensive option, but paired with MoS he becomes even scarier.
Shusuke is always a good offensive option
is always a good offensive
good offensive

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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by BacKFisCh » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:40 am

Slide wrote:
BoooM wrote:Shusuke is always a good offensive option, but paired with MoS he becomes even scarier.
Shusuke is always a good offensive option
is always a good offensive
good offensive

exactly my thoughts
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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by generalxl » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:13 am

1+ mcdoudles team is gonna be a pain in the ass to score, rly strong def.
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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by DerrocK » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:18 am

+1 shusuke is retired anyways
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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by Watermelon » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:34 pm

tenkz is the top NA player? :thinking:
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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by Tenkz » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:31 pm

Watermelon wrote:tenkz is the top NA player? :thinking:
According to an exclusive interview, yes.
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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by Blitz » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:52 pm

BoooM wrote: The 3rd field main player is NAs top player Tenkz,

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Re: BoooM's EUDL s7 predictions

Post by LoOgiK » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:28 pm

tenkz = blitz x 999
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