EUDL s8 Announcement and Suggestions Thread

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EUDL s8 Announcement and Suggestions Thread

Post by BoooM » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:04 pm

The sign-ups for EUDL s8 will be opened later this week!

The target for the start of the season is early to mid-May with the final day of playoffs being early to mid-July.
Regular season games will only be played Sundays as in all previous seasons.

In this thread, you can make any suggestions for improving or changing EUDL!

Currently, the following changes are being considered for s8 due to feedback received previously. None of them are final but all of them will be discussed and decided upon before the season starts.

1. Trades
Currently, trades only have to be approved by the management. The feedback received last season points out that this is a sub-optimal arrangement. For s8 we will try to create precise rules in order to avoid the possibility of us making any wrong or plain disliked decisions regarding trades. These rules will most likely be more restrictive than the current ones.

2. Bans
The discontinuation of all bans from previous seasons will be discussed - be it because players deserve second chances or simply so the amount of motivated players in EUDL can be increased. Either way, having no banned players in s8 is a possibility as of yet.

3. Playoffs’ Schedule
The previous seasons had 3 weeks of playoffs with probe games being played the first two Sundays and the main games being wrapped up on Saturday and Sunday of the third weekend. The idea behind not having probe playoffs played on a Saturday was to increase the attendance of probe players during playoffs. Statistically, there was not any tangible positive effect by this change. At the same time, main teams had to wait 3 weeks after the end of the regular season, which may have a negative impact both on their motivation as well as team play. Thus for s8 we will consider shortening the playoffs’ length to 2 weeks total with the first weekend (Saturday + Sunday) being the probe playoffs and the second one being the main playoffs.

Feel free to provide any thoughts on the subjects above.
If you have any other suggestions, you can let us know as well.
You can share your ideas by posting in this thread, the “#eudl_suggestions” channel in discord or simply by sending me a PM me on discord!

Remember: This is the time to speak up!
Once the season starts, it will be too late to make any radical changes. You better use this opportunity, so there are no complaints during the season about any rules that you could have changed now!
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Re: EUDL s8 Announcement and Suggestions Thread

Post by Limee » Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:05 pm

Thanks gust.
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Re: EUDL s8 Announcement and Suggestions Thread

Post by Elharion » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:23 pm

Eu sorta dumb, so lm during greatest season will help out kappa
1. Do auction draft. Gets significantly more balanced teams and you can see based on the na standings, it is rather close. Besides the team that died, the biggest point margin in the auction draft league is 12, and the team on the low end has played 3 less games than the number one team. Overall, the rankings are much closer, and games are more exciting.
2. Make a split league. Separation of probe and zhl teams can only help. I am always a big advocate for "probe rights" I guess u could call them. The problem with the current structure is often times the main team takes players from probe team, especially if they have locked players. Splitting makes auction possible and gives probes some control which I like as well. When u split u can also lower amount of probe teams as well so teams aren't playing with FAs.
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