Ban Appeal: Kholin

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Ban Appeal: Kholin

Post by Kholin » Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:55 am

Now that I'm back for winter break, I have access to a SC2 capable machine again (and this time I'll be bringing it back to college with me so I can SC2 in my free time) I would like to have the S9 ban on me looked at again.

My ban reasoning can be found here ... =35&t=2233 and can be summed up that the commissioner and LM's thought the reason I didn't play in S8 was to lower my draft value for S9.

I signed up with expected high attendance to S8, because indeed I had assumed at the time of registration that I would be able to make it to nearly all the games. However, I didn't bring my PC to college, just a 2009 Mac Book. Turns out, a 2009 Mac Book is simply incapable of running SC2 in any playable fashion, so I was unexpectedly unable to play SC2 at all over the past months. I did my best to make it to some games, and was actually on ice for one game. However, playing SC2 at 11 FPS with a mousepad doesn't lend itself well to high performance. I informed my owner of the issue once I got back from basic training, and didn't receive any guidance, so I stayed off SC2 because it was unplayable.

I attempted to talk to Blitzerg about this, and well... unproductive doesn't even cover it.
A full transcript (completely unedited, and I can post screenshots if Blitz would like to dispute any part of it, can be found here (

The gist of the conversation is as follows: [These are edited for clarity, not a single word is changed except for fixing horrible spelling on both sides, and making things on a single line]
Kholin: hey, I've got a question
Blitzerg: ok
Kholin: why was I banned from S9?
Blitzerg: Read forums.
K: I did, and I left a response, but you never got back to me. Why am I being punished for no longer having a computer that could run SC2?
B: An excuse whether or legitimate or not doesn't excuse you. And it will remain that way.
K: Can you give me a coherent reason why I deserve to be banned?
B: Read forums.
K: I have read the forums. So what else on the forums should I be reading
[Many seconds later]
K: what on the forums should I be reading?
[more time elapses]
K: can you give me the link to what I should be reading now?
B: ... =35&t=2233
K: and should I read something other than the section I copy and pasted to you?
[section copied before is recopied]
K: something besides that?
B: Yea for your actions we decided to ban you.
K: My actions? Which in particular
B: The ones you didn't take.
K: Such as?
B: Signing up with his attendance and then not participating, and then coming back S9 (like you are) trying to lower draft value. Unacceptable.
K: Why do you assume I'm attempting to lower my draft value as opposed to "I'm unable to play SC2 on a 2010 Macbook”. excuse me, 2009
B: I don't believe you.
K: Well, why not?
B: Because I don't.
K: Excellent reasoning
B: Thanks.
K: Im glad our process is so transparent. Ill be making a general post on the forums to petition the other, hopefully reasonable and coherent league managers
B: Unpetitionable.
B: You're banned.
K: sure it is
K: nothing in the rules says that the league managers can't lift a ban
K: its happened in the past
B: Can you quit being a child. You're banned because you signed up with high attendance and didn't show up to ANY games.
K: I also told lingking
B: Your ban won't be overturned, because it was unanimous and they all wanted to ban you.
K: no it wasn't [this is infact correct, Meepo didn't vote to ban]
B: You can throw a tantrum, but you will gain nothing in return.
B: and I'm about to block you if you don't leave me alone.
K: I see. I apologize for seeking clarity and asking you to do a reasonable job as commissioner, my bad
B: Implying that me not instantly believing you and overturning a ban = bad commissioner, fucking child.
K: no, I'm implying that you losing your temper and getting upset for me asking questions about my ban, which you gave me, is some unreasonable onus upon you, makes you a poor commissioner

Anyways, I would like to petition to have the ban remove, or reduced, so that I can sign up as a 50% free agent or something and get some probe league quality time in.
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Re: Ban Appeal: Kholin

Post by Blitz » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:05 am

The Season 9 Administration has voted unanimously...Image I'm now locking this thread.

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