Forum Rules & Etiquette

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Forum Rules & Etiquette

Post by ProfessorX » Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:43 pm

Zealot Hockey Forum Rules & Etiquette

Please realize this is a relatively small community; we're not strict about much, but we do need to keep a standard.

No spamming
-- This includes posting or linking to commercial / copyright infringing material. Advertising and solicitation. Irrelevant post or topic flooding.

Keep it clean
-- Refrain from posting or linking to sexually explicit or generally inappropriate material. This also applies to forum avatars and signatures. We shouldn't be afraid to browse at work or share with friends and family.

Proofread and post in the relevant sub-forums.
-- Let's keep things neat and organized. Spell check your topics for ease of future searching. Topics posted in the wrong area may be moved to the correct forum by moderators.

Be respectful of other members
-- While this is a competitive sports game, there is a line between bm/banter/chirping and outright personal attacks. Please be civil and refrain from overly offensive and abusive language. There will be zero tolerance for racial/ethnic/homophobic slurs or hate speech.
-- This also includes privacy: do not post or expose other members' pictures, phone numbers, social profiles, or any other personal information.

Consequences for breaking these unbelievably lax rules is up to moderator discretion.

We want to be a fun and informative place that anyone can visit and get into! Thanks for your cooperation :D

If you have any questions, please contact myself or another moderator.